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  1. (USUM) Punishment Murkrow

    Never mind, I realized I could create it in Gen VI nd bump it up, it proved a fine time to scrape some of the rust off my old skills lol!
  2. (USUM) Punishment Murkrow

    Oh, fascinating--I put Head Smash onto a Nosepass and bumped it up through Bank into Gen VII and it worked fine...??
  3. (USUM) Punishment Murkrow

    So apparently Game Freak dun goofed. Murkrow can learn Punishment as an egg move. Greeeeeeeaaaaaat... The only species in its egg group that can ALSO learn Punishment are...<*fanfare*> Vullaby and Mandibuzz! >.< I want to tinker around with a Punishment Murkrow for the fun of it, though since I don't *think* it will make the game yarf itself...? Could I by chance get a Lv. 1 male Murkrow (so he can pass down HIS appropriate egg moves!) With the following moveset: * Peck * Brave Bird * Punishment * Sky Attack Thanks in advance!
  4. Known Causes of PGL Bans

    This is why I don't get online with my copy of Sun lol...My Moon has "all clothing" enabled but nothing else bannable and so far so good, I am still able to use Game Sync AFAIK, in fact it connected me earlier tonight without trouble.
  5. Trade Help, Please?

    I am on and in the Festival Plaza--I am under the IGN Selene. Heck, you still need my FC, don't you? One second... 3840-6579-9848
  6. Trade Help, Please?

    Could I by any chance get some help getting Gen VII Event Pokemon into my S/M games? I would greatly appreciate it! I don't want to root my XDS systems to use PKHeX in this gen. I made the .pk7 files, though from the .wc7s available here. They are in the attached .rar file below. The Pokemon I need trade help with are the Sapporo Birthday Pikachu, Eevee and Vulpix, the Wrestler Machamp and the 2017 Charity Pikachu. Thanks in advance for the help! Event PK7s For Trade 03-17.rar
  7. Marshadow?

    Nnnnnnggh, grrrrr again with the having to learn how to TRY to DO things... >.<
  8. Ash (Hat) Pikachu?

    Aha, different Forme. Curiosity compelled me to ask, honestly. Righty-oh, then. SOON... SOON...(LULZ) Trying VALIANTLY to figure out how to PKHeX in Gen VII since I DO NOT wanna' root my Xds systems to do it, lord knows...
  9. Ash (Hat) Pikachu?

    Just out of curiosity, is the Ash hat-chu considered an untradeable event, or is it considered an event at all? OBVIOUSLY you can trade a Pikachu, but can that particular version be traded, i.e. can someone get, one? That would be great! Thanks in advance and yay!
  10. Marshadow?

    Is there any chance of getting assistance with obtaining a Marshadow? I don't want to root my system/s to be able to still use PKHeX so yeah...I know Marshadow can apparently be GTSed if searched, I'm to understand? Or how else do? I KNOW it can be done, and I literally tried to do it by QR-code injection on my OLD (i.e. 6th-gen v. 9.0 firmware) 3DS but it told me I'd have to upgrade to 11.0 and MUK that noise...So, um...Help me maybe? Thanks in advance!
  11. Gen VII JPN Birthday Pokemon

  12. Gen VII JPN Birthday Pokemon

    Thanks for the help--I don't want to root my two good xds systems, actually, I don't trust doing it...
  13. Gen VII JPN Birthday Pokemon

    Anybody home?
  14. Gen VII JPN Birthday Pokemon

    Any chance someone could trade me over the Japanese Birthday event Pokemon (Eevee, Pikachu, Comfey, Vulpix) because I can't QR inject anymore? Thanks for the help in advance! Friend Code is 3883-8457-6419 IGN: Saule
  15. XYORAS - Tanabata Jirachi 2016 (JP)

    Any word on the availability of this Pokemon yet?