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  1. Okay so I have been BASHING my head against this for DAYS! I JUST want a few event Pokemon downloaded into ONE of my Gen VII games, so happened I was able to rip Sun for the moment. I had been TRYING to get them as trades through the Trade forum but apparently not--if someone wants to hit me up for that I am on Facebook Messenger. Otherwise this seems like the easier option that more people would be likely to respond to, though apparently no promises are guaranteed to be made lol... I will be back to attach the save file and the pk7s shortly. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!
  2. I have a Sun save and I will post it very shortly (later today) because I am looking to have some Pokemon put into it on here, anyway. It is encrypted, though and I don't know how to crack it lol...
  3. I know this topic is older than the hills but help is appreciated! Have to check if I ever got these!
  4. Okay so it turns out I need the Shiny Fini, Shiny Mimikyu and Event 2019 Championships Gastrodon, Nidoqueen and Aerodactyl. Nature doesn't matter they're collector's pieces only. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!
  5. So we're boned, is what we're saying? This is all for naught? Greeeeeeeat...So in short I am going to be able to shunt off a few of these folks and save some space, yay...
  6. Swift Buneary, Vine Whip/Body Slam Chikorita, Brave Bird Doduo and Dodrio, Body Slam Growlithe, Vulpix, Nidoran (both):
  7. What do we still need? I mentioned I have that Ice Punch Poliwrath, in fact two of them: I also have those Air Cutter Pidgey line: And an Icy Wind SHELLDER as well as a few Bug Bite VENONAT and PARAS rather than their evolutions: I also have a Body Slam Clefairy, if that's important, since I know Body Slam Cleffa was A Thing: (See also Body Slam Rattata) Sky Attack Spearow: I also have some Karate Chop Magmar and Cross Chop Psyduck: I mentioned I have some Signal Beam Cleffa, Karate Chop Magby, a Crunch Teddiursa, a Cross Chop Teddiursa plus Crunch Exploud and probably some others too (I will have to check lol) but I will not add screenshots for those until the next post for the sake of length, plus since they're Gen II/III they are not quite so important for now.
  8. Oh, okay I wasn't sure with regards to intercompatibility between LG and the 3ds games, my bad lol! I still have all of the Pokemon I have noted, btw--and I have not one but TWO Sky Attack Spearow.
  9. SLUDGE WAVE GENGAR ALSO EXISTS AS AN EVENT FROM GEN VI! <*breathes*> This is, of course provided that we can trade from the 3ds games to the Switch games, but still the point stands. I also just captured a Bug Bite Metapod today HAD TO TRANSFER TO SAVE SPACE WILL TRY TO RECATCH OR EVOLVE if we need one (USUM tutor move.) Scored a Spearow with Sky Attack as well (Tutor Move). I STILL have those Air Cutter Pidgey and Pidgeotto, one Pidgeotto with Steel Wing as its Fast Attack. See above for what else I have, INCLUDING *THREE* CRUNCH EXPLOUD.
  10. Sure I will get screencaps of everything. I don't know how to let theslayer gain access to my account, though... I also have a couple of Disarming Voice Pichu and Signal Beam Cleffa.
  11. Got an Air Cutter PIDGEY today, if you can believe it! Still holding on to those Bug Bite Paras and Venonat, too so hurry up cuz they're taking up pretty valuable space lol! I will see if I can evolve us a Thunder Punch Raichu, if you like as well. And I keep TELLING people there was a Gamestop distribution event Sludge Wave Gengar, too lol I still have mine so people don't need to worry so much!
  12. Got several Thunder Punch Pichu (accidentally transferred a Thunder Punch Raichu... >.< ) and at LEAST one Air Cutter Pidgeotto, as mentioned before and then NEW Crunch Exploud. I don't know if either of my Buneary have Swift, I will check since I didn't know that was a thing. I am also looking for more Cross Chop Teddiursa (I'm not really up for trading the one I have...)
  13. I managed to capture an Air Cutter Pidgeotto today that I'm keeping for here. I will also list what else I have. Ordinarily I will have the lowest stage in an evolutionary line with a rare move unless indicated otherwise and of course there are no guarantees that its evolution will keep it. I am in Northern Virginia USA and available for trade most of the time. Please contact me through Facebook Messenger (hyperlink through my IGN). My TC is 8491 8628 1763 and my IGN is AquilaLorelei Gen I: * Bug Bite Weedle * Air Cutter Pidgeotto * Body Slam Rattata * Thunder Punch Raichu * Body Slam Nidoran ♂ * Body Slam Nidoran ♀ * Body Slam Vulpix * Bug Bite Paras * Bug Bite Venonat * Night Slash Meowth * Body Slam Growlithe * Ice Punch Poliwrath * Cross Chop Psyduck * Brave Bird Doduo * Brave Bird Dodrio * Mud-Slap Cubone * Mud-Slap Rhyhorn * Mud-Slap Rhydon * Last Resort Eevee * Icy Wind Shellder * Ancient Power Exeggcute * Karate Chop Magmar * Thunder Punch Electabuzz * Body Slam Snorlax Gen II: * Vine Whip/Body Slam Chikorita (yes, both on the same 'mon, yay! TWO breeding moves!) * Karate Chop/Brick Break Magby (same) * Thunder Punch Elekid * Present Delibird Let me know if there are any tutor/breeding exclusive moves from Gens II/III/IV please.
  14. I feel like a total dingus but I can't find the VC Crystal Celebi distribution--what is it listed under?
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