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  1. I have not checked it, but I will run it through after work. I'll post the results in this post.
  2. Hmm... just ran the whole of bank yesterday, and had a false positive that confounded me. Abra Lvl: 13 Female Naughty Moves:Teleport OT: Ash It does not bother me too much because I also had two more Abras and an Alakazam going through from my other two games, but it definitely made me double-take.
  3. Not sure if this has been brought up or not. While trying to access the main site on a mobile device, the background image I believe takes priority over the text. There is still access to the drop-down menus at the top, but the rest of the page is not available. It does not bother me too much since I can just get on my computer at the house after work, but I thought I would let mods know about this. For what it's worth, I am on a Galaxy S3 and tried on both the standard browser and Dolphin browser in both mobile and Desktop view in both.
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