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  1. Is it possible that PkHEX could reveal this rare type of Alcremie?
  2. Apparently, there has been somewhat of an unusual discovery that Alcremie has a hidden form seemingly considered its "Rainbow Form". But trying to evolve Milcery into that form just seems very hard to come by. Accordingly, the Pokédex has data on this mysterious form as shown below. Sword: The moment it evolved, it took on a complex flavor. This is because of the way its cells spontaneously shifted during evolution. Shield: The cells that compose its cream fluctuated suddenly during evolution, giving the cream a complex flavor. So, indeed, it is saying that it produces somewhat of a "complex" flavor. So this could take some time for even the best researchers to find the form.
  3. I never impersonated anybody. I only own a single account. The person sent me a spam mail via Gmail, threatening to still hack into this account on PP.
  4. Update: I got a spam email from this guy which said "I will vandalize the Project Pokemon wiki and post links to ROMs on the forums to get you a 30/50 point infraction. ROMs (Read-Only Memory) are copyrighted material owned by Nintendo, and thus is illegal to play on an emulator unless you get it from your own cartridge."
  5. This site is no court house as we all know it, but the truth is true here. This man has been cyber-bullying, making false copyright claims, threatening to hack someone else's account, and even petition to shut someone's career down. All of it is no prank. All of this is taken very seriously. Even if there's nothing to be condone on this site, all I'm trying to do is to make everyone around here reasonable of what's happening.
  6. The account on the site posted has a different username, but is affiliated in the same email address as this user. Sufficiently, it's true that this guy has been cyber-bullying me.
  7. It's truly him. Go to the website to get evidence, and you might find proof that it's clearly him.
  8. Evidence is true, according to the link to Encyclopedia Dramatica, the person who started that article was clearly ThePokémonGamer. Check it out. His username is different, but the email affiliated is the same as it is with his username here.
  9. I never threatened anybody, and nobody else did either. He threatened me, by trying to hack into my account. And furthermore, it was HE who stole profile pictures from Facebook. If you want proof that he is behind all this. I will provide the URL below. https://encyclopediadramatica.se/VideoGamePhenom It's true that this guy phished off to the internet big time with all this.
  10. I wasn't pretending to be him, nor impersonated him. He was actually flagging my videos in retaliation because I blocked him on YouTube 3 months ago, and what he did was abusive, not even close to a legal process. Not assuming good faith beyond any sort of takedown. And right here, I had to start this post just to give you moderators a head's up about him threatening to hack into not only my projectpokemon account, but my Google and Facebook accounts as well. This is no prank. It's committing conspiracy and crimes. The way I'm trying to sort things out here is much braver and more truthful than this other guy here.
  11. His real name IS under the ownership of NintendoGamingHD. Everything so far, including his account on this site, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and everywhere else is linked to this.
  12. [video=youtube;slq7cVVDYUc] This shows proof that this guy is doing all this. https://projectpokemon.org/forums/member.php?60766-ThePok%E9monGamer If you look onto his page, you might see proof of his YouTube channel that's doing all this. https://www.youtube.com/NintendoGamingHD The channel is linked onto his profile page, and that gives proof to show his wrongdoings.
  13. I never impersonated anybody. ThePokémonGamer is the one responsible for all this. Furthermore, his wrongdoings on YouTube are on purpose also. He's trying to intentionally render someone innocent, and show off that's he's insane.
  14. Not true. This guy is no pushover whatsoever. The impersonator is actually ThePokémonGamer himself behind all this. I'm the one explaining the truth. We cannot debate about this. Please investigate this case, and really look after this user, ThePokémonGamer.
  15. This user, ThePokémonGamer, is the suspect trying to hack into my account. The real person who owns this account has been cyber-bullying me for 3 months, and is spreading mass spam all over the internet. If any of you moderators can looks into this user, ThePokémonGamer, I would appreciate it. I'm desperate!
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