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  1. I would like my username changed to Midna312, please and thank you.
  2. I ban Master of Shadow Neolia for having such a long username. I certainly don't feel like typing that out again.
  3. I ban LEGOanimal22 for using the most unoriginal reason to ban someone ever. Next time, be more creative.
  4. I can help you with that, if you'll give me the Arceus and Manaphy in return. Also, I have a 5/6 iv shiny Sylveon UFT. I'm looking for a Shiny Mew. PM me or reply here if anyone wants to make an offer.
  5. No, I meant I gave him a shiny Samurott for it. Perhaps I should have mentioned that.
  6. I don't think this really belongs in the official trade trade. But if staff feels like it belongs there, then they can delete this thread. I was wondering if anyone knows what a 5 iv competitive shiny Sylveon would be worth (x amount of legends, shinies, ect). There's this guy on my friends list that has an unbelievable amount of legit 5 iv shinies, and I was lucky to obtain one. So yeah, anybody here who can answer my question?
  7. I believe RNG'D mons would not get through. I haven't checked on that myself, though, so I'm not entirely sure.
  8. I drop the banhammer on evandixon for being too lazy to read what was no more than two sentences.
  9. evandixon is banned because I lost my copy of PMD: Sky and I wanted to try your editor.
  10. evandixon, you are banned because your post was made 11 hours ago. I don't like the number 11.
  11. I decided to post this here because not many other forms relating to this topic have any recent activity. A friend of mine gave me a original copy of Pokemon Silver. It's not brand new/sealed, but it's in good condition. Does anybody have an idea of how much money I could get for it? Only post if you're completely sure. Thanks.
  12. Miss. The next person is fashionable.
  13. Hit. Especially with chocolate. The next person watches Fullmetal Alchemist.
  14. Miss. The next person wears hoodies.
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