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  1. This is such a great device, but does anyone else get the "No online content available" message too?
  2. That's not a very huge problem for me, but it would be easier.Only time will tell.
  3. I know that it's not possible now to do direct transfers to X/Y (You now need use an external device or flashcart, which I have, and bank it over from B/W), and I'm OK with that, but will it ever happen? Can it even happen? It would be good to be able to make Kalos born poke's. I'm just wondering if it will ever even happen.:confused:
  4. It hasn't worked for me well either. Try getting a flashcart.
  5. It works. I can make my pokemon, then I trade them over to a retail cartridge, and upload them to the bank. Works Great!
  6. Yes, for me I can only do that on Platinum . But, I have a Dstwo. Could I just load the .sav file into pokegen and edit from there?
  7. I usually use GTS servers to get my pokemon to my Black 2. Now that the Wi-Fi is being shut down, I can no longer do that. I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to make pokegen pokemon into action replay codes. If you can't do this normally I also have a flascart.
  8. Really? Because I have the game targeted to black 2, I generate the codes, and they're made for a different country/game even though I have it set to english.
  9. Please, I'm new to this, so please don't rage on me if this is a stupid question. I haven't seen this question yet... But every time I make an action replay code it doesn't work for black 2. How can I fix this? I select all my pokemon, hit generate in the code generator, use the code manager to put it in... and it STILL doesn't work! Please tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how to fix it. Update: It gives me the wrong game ID from the start, and generates non-working codes, Even though I set the codes for the English game. It gives me the ID as IREJ 5A023804 and I need the American one.
  10. And these pokemon I write to the save file will be totally legal? (Obviously if I give them the right moves, PID, etc.)
  11. I just need help editing the pokemon onto the .SAV file itself.
  12. I have a flashcart, so what program will read/write the saves? Will pokegen do it?
  13. Oh, I know it has nothing to do with the program itself. I'm just new to PokeGen and it was the way I found out how to transfer the pokemon using their .pkm files on to the cartridge. Now, is there another way to get them to my game? (Without Action Replay) I'm just new to the program and I'm still experimenting with it! Good job on making the program by the way.
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