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  1. Hiya guys, I have a R4I-SDHC 3DS card from r4i-sdhc.com and a Black 2 rom on it. I also own a retail White 2 and X, and I was hoping to transfer a level 1 mewtwo to X via poke transporter and bank to my X cart which I can then trade to a friend. I have run the pokemon through Legal.exe and PokeCheck and it just won't allow me to use poke transporter on it. I basically modify my flashcart Black 2 save to have the Mewtwo, then Wifi trade to my retail White 2 and try on my 3DS. AFAIK the pokemon is legit, as I modified my original pokemon I caught in FireRed on my Diamond, but then I also made another based on a Gen 5 template just to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong. Could you fella's help me out? I have no problems trasnferring it to my White 2, and everything seems to be in-order in game, perhaps its just the whole level 1 mewtwo thing? It doesn't have any buffed up stats, its just a level 1 mewtwo. Attachment 1 is an original from my FireRed, and Attachment two is from a template. Please help guys! Mewtwo.pkm Mewtwo 2.pkm
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