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  1. You can just add the ticket as a key item, but that won't work. There's certain triggers (like receiving the wondercard, receiving it from the man) on top of having the ticket for it to be a successful code. If you start a new game with a contributed save with the Wondercard already downloaded (you can have cards on an unstarted save now) you can get the Liberty Ticket.
  2. Not without informatively editing the PKM file. Earlier in this thread I documented the hex changes of shifted PKMs, all you would have to do is make up hex that is legal for a PKM in gen 4. I've done it for 4-->3 (size is 100bytes in gen 3 compared to 136bytes). Pretty much it's just a reverse character change, location, and adding in some hex Was just wondering because I've never seen a 0x86 be 19
  3. There is always a PID and IV relation for generation 4 pkms, as well as wild gen 3 pkms. Just because they say Unknown GBA type (gen 3) is pretty indicative that they aren't legitimate. The IVPID relationship for Gen 4 pkms is Method 1. I suggest using PokeGen and it's PID finder.
  4. All three of the ones that changed to dream ball had an 86h of 19, which overwrote the 83h to 19. If you opened them up in a hex editor (HxD) and changed the 0x86 location to 00, you should be fine. Save the new file (new checksum doesnt matter) and then shift the new file. I checked data from other PKMs I have (Heal Ball, Quick Ball) and they didn't have a 86h=19. I don't know about the Ninetails either, assuming it was bred. Just wondering, did you ever put them in ball capsules? If you did, were they still in capsules when you grabbed the PKMs?
  5. Kaphotics

    EMS save file

    The save files for BW are different than the previous generations. http://blog.livedoor.jp/koby_akid/archives/51897618.html ^check that out, other than that I have nothing.
  6. No it shouldn't.... if you don't mind, could you post those pkms so whatever was wrong can be figured out? It's probably got to deal with the HGSS Pokeball hex, which wasn't documented well enough at the time. It's just detecting an overflow on the 83h, going above 19 still registers it as a Dream Ball. If you change it in a hex editor you can fix em. HGSS balls I gather are not preserved and any value 20+ @ 0x83 -> 04 (Pokeball) (with no other hex change??? really have no pkms to look at)
  7. Suicune triggers the event as well, after it is shifted, so you don't really need a Raikou
  8. Therein lies your problem. Using Black pokesav with a new version causes them to have messed up names due to Pokesav not having a character shift (pokeshifting). Check out this program to shift the PKMs first and then try them online (Not on Random WiFi battle). http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11474-Hex-Values-and-Trashbytes-in-B-W&p=97287&viewfull=1#post97287
  9. For gen 3 pokemon transferred to gen 4, you use Trashbytes.exe or set them manually according to the algorithms. Pokesav/pokegen do not set the trash bytes. There is no algorithm for gen 3/4 pkms shifted to gen 5.
  10. It takes care of it. For gen 5 (B/W), all of what we know so far has been implemented. The unused hex is located in the OT/Misc. The "Hidden Hex" is a name for the unused hexes, which are different from generation to generation. Since Pt/HGSS/BW have used the hidden hex from DP, it is no longer considered "Hidden" as their values are visible traits in game. Since it is now used, it corresponds to a specific trait that is settable in PokeGen.
  11. I'd be willing to contriboot some PKMs if need be. They be RNG'd flawless [shinies] (few eggs, many roamers+legends). I've got over 100 pkms that are top tier smogon trade worthy, if you are interested bond I'll gief --- also there's 3 others I've gotten over the net: Shiny Jirachi (WISHMKR) Shiny Celebi (AGETO [Colosseum]) Shiny Modest Flawless Japanese Ditto get em here.
  12. Don't see any problems with legal, depends what pokemon and the pkms are.
  13. it can pass the ingame/PBR check, but it's not legal. If it's hatched, it shows up as Unknown GBA Type If it's caught, it has to be one of the method 2/3. Thus it has to be one of these:
  14. we still aren't completely sure on how PokeShifted pkms look like. This thread has a basic beta converter. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11474-Hex-Values-and-Trashbytes-in-B-W
  15. yes problem with sendpkm, gotta make sure you are doing it right with everything.
  16. [corrected] kazo: program looks fine, compared it to 1 of the 3 I shifted and the only differences was met date, happiness, and checksum [duh]
  17. Options -> Target Game -> Not black and white. Currently the new character set is unsupported. When a pokemon is shifted it's new 41h(nature) gets set. 5th gen pkms=/=4th gen pkms Certain characters in the Pokemon's name have trouble loading ^ Highlight the PID (click it) before pressing OK. When you do that, the correct ability is selected). see above meh, IVs get set when you choose the PID from PID finder. nonrelated IVPIDs are manual as always Don't always have a save loaded, currently the new character set is unsupported (you have to directly copy the OT/nick hex of another pokemon for the time being translation takes time, and usually things don't have official english names (translate/change again when real one is known)
  18. Looks like a Method 1 PID with different IVs. 23/20/19/19/22/20 Adamant, but it's an egg PID (pretty safe) Filewise: Level 50 no exp/EVs 255 happiness Blatantly obvious ID/SID hack combo. I don't even think that's a possible combo [not attainable with normal ID/SID generation]
  19. in before how can I save unless that was recently fixed (99.999% doubt it), you shouldn't be using that Emu if you want to play through. It's the emu's problem not the patch. It appears the same way with the unpatched. desmume desmume desmume
  20. yep Building more or less -> cityscape
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