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  1. Store a private field reference to the original Initialize members, so that you can reuse them outside of the initialize (like during the NotifySaveLoaded scenario).
  2. I've revised the logic so that it updates the Met Date when toggling the IsEgg flag in the latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/e48c81f68549c72a15d2a8267068cfdba2fb3c92 Won't be available until the next release, but you can try the development build if it irks you in the meantime
  3. You can use PKHeX to generate a shiny without specific IVs like so: 0. Settings: EncounterDb.UseTabsAsCriteria = true 1. view cresselia BD encounter 2. set all IVs to 31 3. make it shiny 4. view cresselia BD encounter again Not a single command typed. > There should be edit boxes that allow users to specify everything. Wouldn't you agree? Use the PKHeX-Plugins' auto legality mod if you want things to be generated for you. Letting the user specify everything would require too much coding; not worth the effort.
  4. > But I noticed after "hatching" my shiny eggs in pkhex Be more specific. Assuming you're not using the batch editor or the box-manipulation menu, and are instead just manually changing things in the PKM Editor part of the main window, then this is intended. PKHeX lets you have full control of everything, and does minimal related updates when you change things, because you are the one in control of each data field.
  5. It's not in the Sinnoh Dex, and you haven't yet completed enough of the game story to unlock the National Dex.
  6. ...no? PKHeX already only allows Poké Ball for any bred Riolu.
  7. > It's too bad how PKHeX's Encounter Database is very limited and doesn't allow users to specify the IVs and natures before generating. You're wrong. That's the entire purpose of the EncounterDb setting UseTabsAsCriteria PKHeX checks at most 50,000 different attempts before giving up, so as to not hang the program for impossible requests. Load a Roamer encounter, set all the IVs to 31, make it shiny, then regenerate. You'll get a legal roamer that you can set to level 100 and hyper train accordingly to get your 6IV result.
  8. Logic is getting short circuited for Kangaskhan, should be showing it as illegal. Will fix later (VerifyBallEgg).
  9. It has an invalid PIDIV; you can't get Method 4 PIDIVs on static encounters on retail hardware -- emulation is imperfect for vblank interrupts, hence emulated sessions producing invalid spreads.
  10. Can get your own save file by playing it on your legitimately purchased console & game cartridge/digital download purchase.
  11. The left side is for modifying the main set of flags (and some form flags), while the right side button is for forms only. Normally, the complete dex only sets nonshiny flags because not all legendary flags are legal as shiny. Holding control will bypass this restriction, like in prior editors.
  12. PKHeX behaves like the official games, and only allows transferring between games if there's an official transfer method, as that data transfer behavior is documented. Incompatible transfers are speculative, but there is a program setting to enable them.
  13. Unable to replicate on the latest builds.
  14. Please follow directions. Use the Block Data editor. Scroll down to the line with "Player". Expand it. The first property there is Bike Color.
  15. Change the body type in the Block Data ->MyStatus region.
  16. Gen7 style TID/SID are not the TID/SID 16-bit format the batch editor uses. You should be setting the display TID and display SID properties, namely TrainerID7 and TrainerSID7, not TID/SID.
  17. Thanks, fixed in latest commit https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/2bc9ff9073bd418ea95cb459d735a4f9fc767c29
  18. The event is called "connect online with your legitimately purchased console & copy of the game" to have mystery gift unlock it for you.
  19. Connect online and receive the update data. The events were not finished on v1.0.0
  20. It means there's junk data in that spot, but there's nothing to worry about. The underground slots can be like that.
  21. gamesettings for Field* wild encounters, ev_script for the in-game script language files. AssetStudio exports json files exporting parses for both and more: https://github.com/kwsch/UnityDPtools
  22. Is it possible to edit the streak records in the latest release's Trainer Editor's record section? PKHeX already exposes a lot of data, please look around first Records 6,8,10,12 indicate the streak for that mode, and any of them >= 100 will satisfy a +1 to trainer rank. int PlayerWork.GetTrainerRank() { int rank = 0; // game clear if (FlagWork.GetSysFlag(5)) rank++; // dex complete if (ZukanWork.CheckZenkokuZukanCompGet()) rank++; // any streak >= 100 if (RecordWork.Get(6) >= 100 || RecordWork.Get(8) >= 100 || RecordWork.Get(10) >= 100 || RecordWork.Get(12) >= 100) rank++; // win any master rank contest if (FlagWork.GetSysFlag(9) || FlagWork.GetSysFlag(10) || FlagWork.GetSysFlag(11) || FlagWork.GetSysFlag(12) || FlagWork.GetSysFlag(13)) rank++; // statues >= 100 if (UgItemWork.GetHaveStatueKindNum() >= 100) rank++; return rank; }
  23. PKHeX has different modes for different games. If you do not have a save file loaded, then it loads up whatever your default version is (program settings). Which is likely BD/SP, which doesn't have any species > 493.
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