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  1. "dsz" is not a sav; knowing that the file size is way too small, it is likely compressed. Googling "dsz" and emulator gives a few results saying that it's just a zip file. Change the file extension from dsz to zip, and it can be opened in Windows Explorer. That file is the raw save file, which can be loaded in save editors and loaded back into your cartridge.
  2. That is not a ranch save file. Use homebrew to extract your save data, don't just copypaste files from SD cards. The expected size is 0x54000 or 0x7C000 (507904d); your file is almost 6 times too large.
  3. A point spawner spawns `n` quantity of pokemon. Distortions spawn packs (groups) of pokemon, therefore `n` is not 1. For fixed/static encounters that need a correlation, they are spawned w/ quantity of 1. What's the point? Making sure things are legal. The amount of logic needed to do a "smart" reroll of every single PIDIV for every single encounter is more effort than it is worth -- it is not a simple PIDIV correlation, there can be other values correlated like OT Gender/Version (CHANNEL Jirachi), Height/Weight/Scale (raids), original Nature, ability... just use the encounter database to regenerate from a template.
  4. You need to have the correct file count. Which requires dumping the base game along with the latest DLC contents.
  5. Doesn't sound like a PKHeX issue, more like a how you're receiving it issue. I assume you're using a trade bot, and that bot is applying changes you're not aware of. When in doubt, dump and look at it again in PKHeX.
  6. If you didn't create the folder, then there is no folder. The bak (save files) and pkmdb (dumped entities) are used to populated the database.
  7. The static encounter cannot be shiny. You can still breed for a shiny.
  8. Due to how spawns work in PLA for individual point spawners (imagine little dots scattered throughout the map), the first spawn is generated from a 64-bit seed which can be easily reversed. Spawns that are generated immediately after will reuse the same RNG state, which is an uncertain number of advances past the initial seed, and can't be reverse correlated. Presence of a detected 64-bit seed only implies that it was verifiably from the first spawn; if the spawner can spawn multiple, then it is valid to have a lack of a detected seed. Does PKHeX reroll account for PIDIV, to try to align to a seed or legal value correlations? No.
  9. 1. dump the rom from console, unpack to folder 2. open with pkNX, unpack all archives/etc 3. dump bcat(s) from console to folder 4. use the master dump button to reinterpret distribution raids into the encounter PKHeX legality binaries & parses.
  10. Try it and see? Colosseum and XD are less played games, and thus there is less interest in documenting the structure of the save file. Over the years there have been improvements, and Shadow heart gauge should be working. You can even just transfer PKM between instances of the program to skip the need to purify them.
  11. The bcat does not store pk9 data, it only stores flatbuffer data structures that the game then uses to populate the daily raids. You can refer to pkNX to see how it ingests these files here: https://github.com/kwsch/pkNX/blob/5b5a196bdbea0b4855760b516b186fb8df363117/pkNX.WinForms/Dumping/TeraRaidRipper.cs#L119
  12. First, there is no need to use "PKHaX" when editing save files unless you are looking to edit values without some guardrails. If you've corrupted your save file with cheats, then PKHeX is unable to load your file. It uses heuristics to check if a given file is somewhat valid, and your party data is not stored correctly. By forcing the data to be correct (changing offset 0x2F2F to be 0xFF so that the Party List is valid), your save file loads, but honestly you have zero in-game progress. Start a new game, and try with the development build. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2445-pkhex-development-build/
  13. The file you uploaded appears to be random junk. Use a hex editor like HxD to compare your save file to another save file that works.
  14. In your image you've selected Absol, not Primeape. The shadow locks are different per encounter.
  15. Without knowing what you are trying to generate, nobody can give you accurate advice. You can get a decent enough Pokemon if you just use PKHeX's encounter database.
  16. How are you transferring the file to your computer? There's junk appended at the end of the file. The file is supposed to be called `main`. Extract it with your homebrew app like jksv.
  17. PKHeX is open source, you can see its conversion routines. Overriding your settings to No will skip updating things to match the save file. Eggs from other trainers must be traded, so they must be updated to be met as a link trade egg instead of from daycare. Handler states and memories must be adjusted as if a new (or previous) trainer is handling it. When no, it skips doing all that, which lets you inspect the original values. Again, you shouldn't need to override it.
  18. 1. Why would PKHeX want to be any different than how the games work? You can always try it and see -- you'll see that PKHeX retains everything the same way the game would. 2. You don't need to do each step one at a time. PKHeX chains all the conversions together for you. 3. You shouldn't need to override it from the default, so Yes/Cancel is the correct option for you. It's only useful for advanced users just wanting to inspect data unmodified. Trades update things and ensure it ends up in a legal state (like traded eggs or memories).
  19. Not a valid dump. Open it in a hex editor, and you'll see that data after offset 0x498 is just repeating junk.
  20. The first (default) setting is "Yes" because if you imported a box of eggs not from the save file, they should automatically be updated to be link traded eggs rather than just directly imported.
  21. Use PKHeX's encounter database to create from a template.
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