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  1. Do what the message box says. You need to install the runtime for the program to work.
  2. Correct; fixed on latest commit https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/2e736a1d4cbb493dc708a736af7fc140de4b90b5
  3. PKHeX does not support ROM hacks.
  4. PKHeX was last updated over a month ago; PKHeX doesn't know about encounters that are made available after the last release. Wait until the program is updated.
  5. Save file sizes should be twice that size (64KB -> 128KB). Brief inspection of the save data shows that save sectors 8 & 9 are duplicated; shifting the duplicate to the end allows the save to be recognized. 005 Pokemon Leaf Green.sav
  6. More tweaks pushed https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/e0940f167948eae5a1a519c97947c83814e34295
  7. I repeat; if PKHeX shows all of your edited changes when you reload the file, and the game does not, then you are not importing your edited save file correctly back into the game. It isn't an issue with the save editor. I suggest following a guide to see what you're missing.
  8. Thanks, missing event handling added. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/pull/4059/commits/b43d8bfc2b8a43d6f06f4f6da3f981f40a456152
  9. Try changing your $ within PKHeX and trying to import that file. If you money did not change in-game, then you're not importing your save data correctly.
  10. If the edited save file shows the correct data in PKHeX, then you're not importing your edited file into the console correctly. Data doesn't magically revert. I assume you're not importing the modified file correctly.
  11. If you reopen your edited save file, are all your changes still there? Did you set the modified Pokemon data to a box slot prior to exporting the entire save?
  12. https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/40006-issues-with-pkhex-read-this-first-sv-update/
  13. Import your modified save file back to your console's savedata with the same homebrew app you used to export the savedata in the first place
  14. ty, fixed on latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/40b6c9735803c4b93023a738a878b8e27e5f21dd
  15. It's a WIP branch, but yeah I know what the issue is (math clamp) when the initial form size is bigger than the requested extra text size. I'll fix it later as I continue to revise the design of that form
  16. It's relevant when the PKM format has data that is normally updated by the game when traded. Current friendship (Gen2+) gets updated, eggs get their met location set to Link Trade (Gen4+), handling trainer data gets updated (Gen6+). PKHeX gives you the option of skipping the game's trade updates when importing the data. Skipping it can result in mismatched data, but will keep the data exactly as it was stored in the PKM file.
  17. Did you first load a save file?
  18. There's no need to run emunand on the switch, everything can be done (homebrew menu / apps) with just atmosphere cfw on startup.
  19. Open your save file in a hex editor. It's all FF; you haven't saved and exported properly.
  20. Did you save in game prior to exporting the save data? Save states are not saving via the in-game menus.
  21. >PKHeX, Version= Does the behavior persist on the latest release? If you don't mind, can you attach/DM your save and let me know what the play time should instead be?
  22. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/5708310f6f075dd29b9b28e5131c2b9a676cb881/PKHeX.Core/Saves/SAV3.cs#L51-L54 https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/5708310f6f075dd29b9b28e5131c2b9a676cb881/PKHeX.Core/Saves/SAV3.cs#L304-L354 1. Download a hex editor (ex. HxD) 2. Based on the structure of Gen3 save files, you need to locate where the Trainer Name is stored. Referring to PKHeX's code, the OT Name is stored at the start of the Small structure block, occupies 8 bytes, and is immediately followed by [byte Gender, byte Padding, uint TIDSID]. If you can find your Trainer ID at any offset (0x*00A), with data roughly matching the playtime, try changing the first 6 bytes (0x*000 - 0x*006) to be 0xFF. Do this for the backup save as well, so it'll need to be done at another offset with the same style. 3. Load in pkhex, should load as SAV3EU, export. Should be fixed.
  23. SAV->Event Flags->find the Starter choice in one of the tabs.
  24. PKHeX is assuming your save file is Japanese, and every character in the trainer name is probably 0x00. You can fix it with a hex editor after specifying a new OT name and then with the hex editor ensuring all 7 trainer name bytes are set (or 0xFF). OR just revert to a backup save file.
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