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  1. Do I have to use Action Replay?

    What does that do? Change the type of file it's saved as? Anyway, I tried doing what I mentioned in the original thread. Everything was working great until I realized that any new Pokemon I was making wouldn't show up in my Pokedex. I don't know why since when I did it before with like 4-5 of them it worked out great. Any ideas?
  2. Hi guys, normally when I save my game it's in a No$GBA (.sav) format and I can't edit it in Pokegen. I've been using Shunywebs to convert it to 512 .sav which I can then load into Pokegen, make my edits, and use the AR codes. However, I recently made a lot of edits in a single file and I'd like to avoid inputting an AR code for each. Would it be possible for me to convert the current 512 .sav file into a No$GBA .sav file and replace the current file with it? That way all my changes will already be in the new .sav file. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find a good walkthrough guide an image of each area, Pokemon found in each area, and a general walkthrough of game events? I've found many on Google but none with all three, in particular it's hard to find one with images. Something similar to the official game guide would be great.
  4. Game Guide

    Do you guys know where I can find a good walkthrough with a list of Pokemon for the area, map of the area, and guide on game events? I'm looking for someone close to the official game guide, I've found some walkthroughs but none with all three of the big things I'm looking for.
  5. Is this how it works?

    Yep thanks! I didn't know you could use two AR codes simultaneously for that type of thing.
  6. Is this how it works?

    Ah thanks, I had a feeling the code would be for all the Pokemon selected. I guess Question C was kinda answered with A, what I was referring to was this: This is integrated into the beta.) Generating codes for Pokemon in your party when you don't have a Pokemon in that party slot already requires an extra code. You also can't skip slots in your party, they need to be consecutive. For example, you can't have Pokemon in slots: 1, 2, then 4. It must be 1, 2, 3. Use this code to change the number of Pokemon in your party (X is the number of Pokemon.) 94000130 FFFB0000 B2111880 00000000 000000A4 0000000X D2000000 00000000 From your answer to A though, is it safe to say that adding multiple Pokemon at once would generate too big a code and cause me to crash? I'd have to do them individually and change the X each time. Thanks again for the help. Edit: Sorry, follow up question to A. Okay so say I edited a Pokemon, generated the code, activated it and everything's great. If I wanted to edit another Pokemon, would I need to save and load the new file with the first edited Pokemon or could I continue off from the file before?
  7. Is this how it works?

    Hi guys, I'm still trying to use Pokegen but I'm running into some issues that I believe may be basic. I've searched through these forums and haven't found a specific enough answer so I'd appreciate it if you could help. I've tried trial and error to figure them out but since my game keeps crashing because of the code I can't tell what's wrong. A) Say I have 3 Pokemon in my party, if I edit the stats of all three should I have all of them selected when I generate a code or should I select each individually and generate a code (I don't know if the code actually varies between the two situations). My emulator keeps crashing so I think the issue might be that I'm inputting too much code. B) I'm having issues getting the Pokemon I create to show up in my Pokedex. I hatch them as eggs and follow the usual steps to creation that I've seen and I generally leave the PID blank since I can't find one for the personality/IV settings that I want. It's weird because sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, even though I keep everything the same but the species. C) Say I have 3 Pokemon and I want to add 2 more to the empty slots in my party. Similar to (A), can I do this both at once and use 5 as X for the code that's needed for adding Pokemon to non-existent slots or would I need to add one at a time with X as 4 and 5 respectively?
  8. What am I doing wrong?

    Uh I think you're wrong, I'm looking at Pokegen right now and it's saying the happiness value is used as steps. I think I may have found out what was causing me to crash. I was trying to make changes to my Cyndaquil's stats while also creating a Riolu and tried generating a single code for both changes. I tried leaving my Cyndaquil alone and just creating the Riolu and the game didn't crash - am I right to assume this was the problem? On a slightly different note, the Riolu and it's evolution didn't register in my Pokedex even though I hatched them, was this because I left my PID field blank? I gave them abilities that they'd normally have but gave them new moves.
  9. What am I doing wrong?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to use Pokegen with NO$GBA and I can't seem to get it working. Here are the steps I'm taking up until the game crashes. 1) Started a new Soul Silver game, picked a starter and saved the file as a .SAV format. 2) The save format is 77 so I used shuny to convert the file to 512 .SAV 3) Opened up the new .SAV file in Pokegen. 4) Edited my starter. 5) Went through the normal steps of creating a Pokemon Egg (Riolu with some moves it normally doesn't learn), set the Happiness/steps to hatch to 0 or 1 (tried both) and left the PID blank. Then generated a code. 6) Inputted the party code that allows Pokemon me to add Pokemon to a slot that's empty, in this case used 94000130 FFFB0000 B2111880 00000000 000000A4 0000000X D2000000 00000000 where X is 2. 7) This is where I always crash, when I try inputting my code from Pokegen. Before I even activate it with Select the game crashes. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? I've been trying to get it to work for half an hour now.
  10. Pokésav generated files.

    I think I may be having a similar issue, I'm using NO$GBA and my save filed is xpa-pssu.SAV (77 KB) size. I'm unable to load it in Pokegen, what "TARGET FORMAT" should I set it as in the converting link posted above?
  11. Pokegen - Newbie Requesting Help

    Ah I see I was doing it wrong, I set the Happiness to 255 thinking it'd reduce the amount of steps. Thanks and sorry for all the newb questions.
  12. Pokegen - Newbie Requesting Help

    Is there any way to reduce the number of steps it takes an Egg to hatch? I've looked as much as Google will allow me and I haven't been able to find anything.
  13. Pokegen - Newbie Requesting Help

    Ah I think I understand the problem. This is my first time so I wasn't aware I had to load a save file.
  14. Pokegen - Newbie Requesting Help

    The problem is it won't let me right click the slot #2 until I've added data for slot #1 but I don't want to change anything about slot #1. On a slightly different note, is there anyway I can reduce the amount of egg cycles/steps if I choose to create an Egg? I looked everywhere but I'm not seeing any option.
  15. Pokegen - Newbie Requesting Help

    No I mean, I don't need or want to use Pokegen on slot #1 because I already have a Pokemon there, is there a way that I can just edit slot #2 and so on? Or am I forced to edit everything? I read the Pokegen FAQ and I know you can't edit for example, slots #3 and #5 without having a Pokemon in #1, 2, and 4.