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  1. You are banned for having a username that I can't pronounce.
  2. I like the DSI xl because i can play pokemon games on it
  3. Trying to study because i have several of those annoying "end of the year" tests in school tomorrow.
  4. You are banned because you joined in 2010.
  5. Firefox, most sites work better on Firefox and it's generally faster.
  6. I agree, it would definitely be cool with the actual Pokemon sounds and better graphics. But handhelds are nice because it's portable.
  7. Whoever said "the Creator" was a physical being?
  8. I think it is easy to share our individual opinions while commenting and giving feedback on others' without having some sort of immature put-down fest.
  9. Tons of terrorists have been Muslims, but not all Muslims are bad people. I have no knowledge of this religion being that i am not a follower other than that it doesn't match up with mine. So i can't really explain why. It really depends on what your are talking about though. Judging the religion itself and judging the people that follow it are different things. If the religion has violent teachings, it doesn't mean that all of the people that follow it are violent, and if it teaches how to be good people, that doesn't mean all of the people are great either. Lots of people including myself are still seeking the knowledge to choose which of these may be the case.
  10. I can't really say anything because this all seems bogus to me not knowing the physics of time travel. Technically, no matter where you look, you are seeing fractions of a second into the past because of the time it takes for the light to reach your eye varying in the distance away the object is.
  11. Each person has the capability to change their actions, even though it may not seem, no person is truly evil beyond any chance of recovery because of their evil actions.
  12. Miracles. There is clearly a difference between the 2. Luck is just a term for achieving one's desired outcome usually in the case of low odds. Miracles are unexplained, well, miracles caused by what appears to be no reason or by a superior being (you may replace the previous few words with the term "God") without facing any odds whatsoever.
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