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  1. I am downloading, now (literally), Pokemon Soul Silver to see the difference from Gen V and Gen IV PID's. Shouldn't take too long. Once I see the difference's I can make Gen IV Pokemons.
  2. Ha! Sorry about that. I'm a busy man On Topic: PM me when you are ready...
  3. Ooh dam. What a time waster... :frown: You really should read the 1st post carefully.
  4. These Pokemon are for Single Player Mode...
  5. I still failed. Um... I'm starting to think that DW Pokemon have a... special kind of PID. I have to start experimenting. Anyways, sorry I couldn't, 100%, complete your request. Here are the .pkm files.
  6. Okay, hold on. Let me try one more tatic.
  7. Yes but if this were to happen then it would not have it's DW Ability. Anyways, I got 4 Pokemon to pass the test. Shuckle and Pikachu are the ones with the unkown problem. Do you still want the .pkm files? Maybe someone can figure out what's wrong. Yes?
  8. Okay, one more question. Pikachu cannot learn Dynamic Punch. Replace it with what? Edit 1: Changed to Brick Break.
  9. I was being sorcastic when I said "2021". What I really meant was that Gen V Pokemon haven't appeared yet with their DW Abilities yet so Emolga is a no go. Anyways, I'm doing updates on Pikachu and Shuckle. The rest passed except Emolga. How do you want Emolga?
  10. The PID wiill be the same as any other PID. If the Pokemon is using the DW Ability then the last bit of the Binary Code can be ether 0 or 1. It does not matter. If you want, I can give you my legit Kangaskhan with it's DW Ability so you can test it out...
  11. Testing out now. Also, the Emolga and the Pikachu you requested will not work because Emolga with the DW Ability is from the year 2021 and Pikachu cannot learn Volt Tackle (used Serebii.net as my guide). Shuckle... you wanted him obtained on 2009 with a DW Ability? Not possilbe. I switched it to 2011.
  12. I just got online. Sorry for going online this late. I'm making the requested Pokemon and I am going to try it out myself before I attach it to this post. Please hold... lol
  13. I believe this happens when the OT/TID/SID does not match yours. When it does match yours then it will say received. When it doesn't, then it will say obtained... you get me? If you trade an Egg the receiver will obtain a Egg.
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