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PK3/WC3: Unreleased Altering Cave Pokémon .

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About This File

In Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen & Emerald, lies a cave named the Altering Cave.
At first glance, all it has are wild Zubat, which makes me people ask "why the heck does this cave even exist to begin with".
As it turns out, there is more to this cave than it meets the eye.

This cave was programmed to make use of special Mystery Gifts, that would allow the wild Pokémon species that appears to be altered.
Sadly, this game feature never had an event to make use of it.

Following it's initial release in Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen, all the Pokémon that could have been caught from here,
could also be encountered in the extended Safari Zone of Pokémon Emerald.
(with the exception of Smeargle: it can be caught in Artisan cave in Battle Frontier)
Despite these Pokémon all being available in Pokémon Emerald, it's not known why this cave was also included for it.

This page hosts the Pokémon that can be encountered in an altered Altering Cave, as well as other means to get them to appear.

New update!
This page also holds a custom wonder card, that can be used to cycle through the encounters of Altering Cave, whenever you talk to the deliveryman!
Take note: if you toss/remove the wonder card, the encounters in Altering Cave will be stuck at the last species encountered.
Also note: FireRed/LeafGreen & Emerald have their own wonder cards. FRLG cannot use Emerald wonder card and vice versa.

The encounters that get cycled are (and it wraps back to the start):
Zubat, Mareep, Pineco, Houndour, Teddiursa, Aipom, Shuckle, Stantler, Smeargle.

Wonder Card

Card is English language,
but works on the
languages listed.

emerald en - test01.png1230371452_JEREMYFIRERED02.png.e2afff8d71386432552_JEREMYFIRERED03.png.eec9777ce
Wonder Card
FireRed JP PPorg01.pngFireRed JP PPorg02.pngEmerald JP PPorg01.png

(Hint: You'll need the WC3TOOL to inject wonder cards into your save.)

Also, PKHeX usage:
Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen: Event constant 36
Pokémon Emerald: Event constant 62


Cycling through 0 to 8 in the above given event constant, results in the rotation of the species that appears.

Also, for cheat code usage:
Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen:


Use them with 4.1 DMA Disable Code only.

European Languages     Japanese  
Zubat 0A15BFD5 C0ED0BAB   Zubat 82D8BD95 CBB47960
Mareep 353861F8 3B52DC00   Mareep 58DD1A32 DDBF580A
Pineco 76A26E3E E81B8F62   Pineco 13F6ABF8 D8C06CC9
Houndour 53D0ABFF 8304FB76   Houndour 5147810C 38EF515F
Teddiursa 06900648 336EBA69   Teddiursa A31FAA92 430B4C07
Aipom 4D15DA57 B7B3DD92   Aipom 0528B366 7DCD7B93
Shuckle F157D836 2A52A97B   Shuckle 70683962 23D1C912
Stantler BF57D541 E97893CD   Stantler 9A56C616 533017DC
Smeargle 0563801D E7DBF48C   Smeargle C52B7E6D 04869175

Pokémon Emerald Codes:

European Languages     Japanese  
Zubat C7E8715C 7B9FA6DE   Zubat EC16D3DF 6125B477
Mareep 75BB309D E842B0EA   Mareep E5CA7A9F 7721D4D0
Pineco 14567A34 B45CDCF8   Pineco 83613FE6 5A132DF7
Houndour CAEAFDB3 E8F8CB41   Houndour 3DBA7FFB BA4BB6F2
Teddiursa 4093D33B 1B6AEE45   Teddiursa 48667DC5 8BB547AC
Aipom 30E31E1B A08A316F   Aipom 1F4EAB8A D9968049
Shuckle B6BD81B7 8DFF95CD   Shuckle D4993ABE C4CE7501
Stantler F074F1C1 F0A8A943   Stantler 7D26CCD5 FF1EBB5C
Smeargle 0DB4DBBA FEE99A4B   Smeargle 90CBDE86 29DCBFF3

Credits to the Pokémon: @HaxAras
Credits to codes: @BlackShark

Original Post:

What's New in Version .   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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If you uploaded the English and Japanese sets with the OT: PPorg that I obtained. I just used Triggers PC to modify the games to give them out. 

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Este evento es legal o no? Según yo solo hicieron este evento en Japón,si tienen el evento legal ¿Me lo podrían pasar? O al menos que esté sea legal lo probaré.

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@Fubuki669 hey, this is an English speaking forum. It would spiral into insanity if everyone started speaking in non-English.

No, event is not legal, and was not distributed anywhere, not even in Japan.
Hence the Unreleased in PK3/WC3: Unreleased Altering Cave Pokémon

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