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  1. Hey mate. So at the moment because the event is not live, it will always revert back? Or are we able to get it early?
  2. Hey! So I have the most updated PKHEX too Slayer.. You taught me to Hex edit the other day.. Can I do it with Toxicitry online yet or will it still error?
  3. Hey Team, Currently looking at a streamer running four capture cards with an auto link trade bot running. I was wondering if any of you have developed this and if you'd be willing to help me? The streamer is twitch.tv/johnnycanal
  4. Yeah all good. Apparently this guy is claiming that it's 100% not a ROM edit. The ChaosPKM guy who's running constant online raids. So Unsure what else it could be
  5. Damnit. So the ROM editing will have to start my skills from scratch again. GOD DAMNIT
  6. Okay so what I have done: Saved. Imported on 1664. Went to raids: Loaded game: DONEEE!! IT WORKED!~ Okay wait.. So because I'm a risky biscuit, it changed to Coalossal when I went online.... How do I keep it as a mewtwo den online?
  7. Yeah... I am still trying to get my head around it. So its 03 29 So 809? Melmetal
  8. Yep So I have just done that: For some reason it's still red when i put it in there.
  9. So I am 5* Sword. I have attached here where the seed should be. Can you just confirm what I put 08 is 96 and in 09 I put 00?
  10. Okay so I have put 96 00 in that box. Now my game crashes. Doesn't even load once I click "don't invite others" in the den
  11. So uhh... I almost got it! I guess thats why it should be 96 00 LOL
  12. Okay so I have Sword. So I have gone to 0X1268 Have edited as discussed: So now saving. So all event 5 stars should now be this?
  13. Sorry man, Told you. Trying to learn from scratch here. When your tutorial said "get file here" it was the excel. I don't see where to download the bin file. Currently I downloaded the AD9DFA6A bin and edited E008 to 96.
  14. I didn't Control V or B? All I did was download that excel doc. Went into HxD. Open ---> normal_encount_offsets.xlsx Save As normal_encount_offsets.bin In PKHEX --> Import current Block --> error
  15. Thanks for your assistance with everything. I downloaded the normal_encount_offsets but then I open with HXD. Save it as aBin. Then I go to import it and it gives me this error:
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