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  1. Too me I think they should make more types of Pokemon. But that wold be cool to see them combine pokemon types together.
  2. I think all the pokmon look great and awesome so far. I can't wait to see more of it.
  3. Mine is X-Play cause it talks about videogames.
  4. I am going to be honest with ya. I don't need a Wii HD. I mean everyone is talking about one. But the whole part of the Wii is the gameplay and story. Honestly I don't care about the graphics that much.
  5. 1. Water 2. Grass 3. Dark
  6. My celebi or Shaymin. I don't like the big pokemon following me.
  7. I usually pick the water starters so I guess I would pick that one.
  8. I might go with White version. I think the legendary pokemon on that one looks awesome.
  9. It kinda looks like Orre. But I don't think they got it from it. I think they got it from Johto region and changed it up a lot. But I don't know. Cause this is going to be the most different pokemon game out of all of them.
  10. I believe there is going to be a brand new enemy like each generation has. (Besides first and second) And they are going to be trying to get the legendary pokemon in each Pokemon game. There will be of course the 8 gym leaders and the elite four of course. But really I don't know anything about it yet.
  11. Yeah, I do but not on the main legendary pokemon.
  12. There really shouldn't be one until a few years from now.
  13. I never obtained in HM09 before.
  14. The game card is corrupted that happened to both my Gold and Silver versions.
  15. Well it is then a mystery on what happened to the legendary dogs if ho-oh wasn't there to protect them.
  16. I never knew that pokemon games went to Korea.
  17. There are transfer packs that you can use.
  18. They actually should do that for the DSi cause a lot of people will buy them and back then gameboy cartridges are corrupted.
  19. Dang! I worked on the game for a lot of hours but I didn't capture all 151 pokemon it.
  20. There was no other game like Pokemon Yellow it had so many things that were very oringial in it.
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