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  1. Bob - Actually I was looking for help with building a team I didn't really request any ratings but feel free to do so. We are in the Team Building forum after all. Assassin - Thanks again buddy. And no problem with the miss I don't mind. I did end up putting on signal beam to eliminate dark types and it has made Espeon a much better special attacker. I also used your skymins set for my wi-fi team.. Hope you don't mind you really know your stuff. I appreciate all the help.
  2. socks

    Hello ^^

    How are you liking the site? Who's your favorite Pokemon?
  3. Granted, Blissey and Lugia are the "best" special walls but you'd be surprised at how well Dragonite can do this job. When he comes out into battle most people assume it's for offensive but he has great sp.d, tons of resistances, and access to Heal Bell which makes him a great candiate for a special wall. This set can wreak havoc: Dragonite @leftovers Careful nature - Dragon Dance - Dragon Claw - Heal Bell - Roost Now you can switch up dragon claw for superpower so your sweep isn't ruined by steel-types but I prefer Dragon Claw because it's a good STAB and gets good damage on everything
  4. randomspot555 & bobtheedibleone : Yes, Shaymin would be land forme because Natural Cure is crucial if I want to use Rest. But Skymin is soo cute.. Also, why is Skymin banned? And to crimson assassin, thank you so much for the helpful input. Confuse Ray comes in handy but it's not vital to the team so no hard feelings on that one. I was thinking a Lapras with it would be pretty cool but let me address the topic... I am head over heels for the Heal Bell Dragonite, I didn't even know that was possible, but unfortunately I don't own a GameCube so maybe if anyone could get there hands on one
  5. Forgot to mention, a Pokemon with Confuse Ray under its belt would be the best.....
  6. Lately I've been struggling with trying to put together an efficient OU team that would knock out major annoyances such as Umbreon and Milotic. I don't want this team built around trying to eliminate pesky Pokemon and stallers but to be all-around efficient in taking down must OU Pokemon. My main goal is to build a team around the sweepers so they can carry out their jobs. Preferably it would consist of a 2 sweepers (physical/special), 2 walls (also spe/phy), a tank-like shuffler/staller, and a reliable anti-lead (if we could get this to also work as an annoyer or maybe a sweep, that would be
  7. What other types would be beneficial?
  8. socks

    Hello ^^

    Oh wow the anime looks amazing for it and the dragon is so cute!
  9. What game did you do this on?
  10. Ugh I've been trying to get on Mirage Island for so long! At this point I deem it next to impossible.
  11. Personally, I have a few, shiny Clefable and Espeon being my top two. How about you? Who is your favorite partner?
  12. socks

    Hello ^^

    Hello and thank you for the warm welcome You can't go wrong with the Eeveelutions, they are just too cool. I'm also rather busy with school and work but I'm striving to be an active member ^^ (Doubt I can beat 100 posts in that amount of time though.. Whew!) Lunar for playstation? Can't say I've ever heard of it. What's it like?
  13. socks

    Hello ^^

    What do you say to a battle?
  14. socks

    Hello ^^

    Tbird, you seem like you know what you're doing when it comes to battling. Do you participate in shoddy?
  15. I have to agree with you both, that is much better than my original set. Thank you so much for the helpful rating!!
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