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  1. Since I started playing pokemon way back during Ruby and Sapphire, I've always wanted a Water-Fire typed pokemon. What do you think Black and White has in store for us here? Think of how awesome a fire-electric would look like.
  2. I'm not getting impatient. I don't care how long it might take you guys. I was just curious. How long does it generally take to create signatures?
  3. yes, I tried to get some feedback but no one has given any yet. It was on a thread called "Starting all over again"
  4. I haven't done competitive battling since Ruby, but I want to start again because there are many more options and strategies to use, even though there is a limited amount of "usable" pokemon. So, this is my in-game team. the problem is that Earthquake destroys it, and I don't really have a central strategy. Any help with replacements for members or moves is gladly welcomed. I won't be offended if someone absolutely hates my team. METAGROSS @ ??? Nature: Adament Ability: Clear Body EVs: 252 ATK, 252 DEF, 4 HP - Meteor Mash - Thunderpunch - Zen Headbutt - Earthquake SALAMENCE @ Dragon Fang Nature: Adamant Ability: Intimidate EVs: 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP - Dragon Claw - Zen Headbutt - Fly - Crunch MILOTIC @ Leftovers Nature: Bold Ability: Marvel Scalel EVs: 252 Spec. ATK, 252 DEF, 4 HP - Surf - Ice Beam - Hypnosis - Recover ELECTAVIRE @ Expert Belt Nature: Adamant Ability: Motor Drive EVs: 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP - Ice Punch - Thunderpunch - Earthquake - Brick Break INFERNAPE @ Focus Band Nature: Adamant Ability: Blaze EVs: 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP - Close Combat - Flare Blitz - Brick Break - Rock Slide LUCARIO @ ??? Nature: Adamant Ability: Steadfast EVs: 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP - Brick Break - Rock Slide - Me First - Close Combat???
  5. I go by my same name here. I guess you're right, maybe I'm just too stubborn to change my team
  6. lately I've been seeing a lot of the same pokemon in shoddy battle. Moves like stealth rock have been narrowing down what I see. I know that there is already a thread for stealth rock but this is my opinion: All new pokemon games from here on out should simply have more pokemon with descent stats. First of all, people could use more of what they like, not what they have to use just to avoid being pummeled on shoddy battle. Also, if you had more pokemon to choose from, you wouldn't have to worry about popular moves. Surely not all of your favorite pokemon would be weak to stealth rock and such, right? PS: yes, I'm new to Project Pokemon, but I do have a lot of experience in shoddy battle.
  7. Hey, I'm new to Project Pokemon, but I really want an awesome sig. I don't care if I have to wait. On the left: Milotic, Electavire and Metagross On the right: Salamence, Infernape, and Lucario. Kind of like the scene after the elite four, but no trainer. The background is all black and in the middle it says "creepercool" in red. The font is that font that looks like it's written in blood. Thank you, I really appreciate it!
  8. So you don't have an action replay? People can give you a code to enter so you have them.
  9. This should work. i don't know which gender is which, sorry. I think I made them all female. (L+R) 94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 E00000A8 000000EC 2C369E0B 588E0000 C581A7C8 75BCD058 25434D72 F9A01BE3 5B68CE14 6FBB859E F09D7ED3 CB0D5D6C DE838701 D09450B3 4F374697 11446C90 69BF74B9 58D669C4 5526C628 27C52E2B 2CBBE600 D6F4F483 72E23952 F7169F62 2248761A 9C49E0BE 9CC81FC7 C740C4E2 5AD6C84B E61996AE 52ACC39E 4163FEB8 F06CD0E3 CFDBD465 2BFB6FC2 52D7992D 3FED7EEB 27F15C7F 5610F1AF 0315A35E 34A569FF 930D748D CBC3BC7E 73C2112B B3424F56 4DD51E9A 253F3F41 F28C3D32 F023D0D8 60EC6522 93CDB216 08022D90 FE12D019 DA7F6204 9A64C52A 078A8A05 A8D022FA 6CD14704 102D1D2E 15E1AC79 1F91581D 00000000 E0000194 000000EC F90E5C05 1E480000 B417BDCA E72D30BD 4B1445EA DE68967F 8821CD41 18D1C2E9 E704FC6B 4BAFF78D 4915641A 5408E6F8 BB776FE6 95B710B9 14E03AFB 1AE03110 C539D662 A8861903 2D3CD963 3643CE9B 5B23D956 1AC678C0 546974F1 4C534BAB 2C8AC34D F246422D 9F7B7A57 9F625854 83309947 DA77FCB2 FEA63051 ED189DD2 55DD952D F6F0A1EA B8E7DC05 A965639D 365066B8 802848ED 3934A131 64C5F7A3 5AE39516 E04B5B90 457B7C74 A1C88A10 3508E411 11A76AD5 3A29CBBD A86228E9 11E468FE FC7CAFF2 A6B56FEC BBB4B9B7 8EEA065C 03762FE2 1C2DC540 CC95E606 D0626C4D 5E37EFE4 4BB32BDE 00000000 E0000280 000000EC 461D5005 F1570000 227F0A2A 32C95B6F 507E7612 EB50A20C D92F2DA6 04893234 801AC3C2 EADEB3B9 4370F5D4 1699A145 9A371FD0 3380F92C A82BC79F AA0D1BFE 16001853 CB20DFF0 3DC6BDA3 F9A5CEB9 AE1429B4 153A6F04 87CB1462 3B6D6440 36013864 BB624E1B 70058E55 E46E3E4B CB8FD223 C7BCC675 7BB5459D 40B6F523 6A62F85E 3782C2E4 BAD1F1BA EA78FE5E EEC86BEF 19AE2757 A3CFB347 8E624FB2 987143A7 98FFBF8B B012AD6B E3C86C7B B3FCF792 4665E275 D60F002D 5C93F4C1 C88F7F00 D4157B46 7F3A8E64 A5E8A00B ED9BDE6E AEBA80FB 56A0F651 5A9C29E7 016A2800 57F52AD1 67641A17 00000000 E000036C 000000EC 02AB740D 13C10000 B78A4E28 1FA17F1D F6722B36 97B0ECDD 4E9496D6 85F08115 BF86AA13 6828EEDF EF8F3762 DB21FC86 DF325D90 40C5F535 0158AE5D 1EEC91B6 427AC2EE 766C889D CC683ADC 70EC71CC B2E1E889 3F7ABC1B B1EE2822 F51A6AE7 E3456270 B4D2AB86 F128A837 8A6721D2 679BA7E3 3C175170 0EFCAE9A 636EE841 97707A04 B89F8B5D 6FDA6F6A 3BF8493D 322B54E1 CC433976 25F04260 B9F0055C 6EFC4167 F302B131 CAF4CD6F 29FCCE56 5F59A490 C9C8B6B1 907EFE51 34EA3826 35E54CD5 C3F6745C BFD0EC3C 3741F8C6 22186448 8FDB52E1 983E2043 83BBA4BA 96BFC120 013CFDB2 7DAC6DE0 00000000 E0000458 000000EC 36F0E60D D2690000 20F8A6FA 26962B12 885781AB AAE516BE 78A355E3 E54C6D97 5875069D 85490318 54DC5DE4 38427D60 D20B2342 237574A7 04914EF5 0E78D837 BC292E68 FFE124C2 0C4D4F1A 17C76CE4 3A761DB5 A1BE9F9A BC9F511D 9580E222 40AAC414 6B6D992A C320E3BB E272FFEE 992C1D2F 56292989 9ED3DD0A 94F9112E 90178121 76D29F22 CAEA05B8 D412E80F 9B730385 71825CC7 16F94F9E 769B0587 77610E1F 2488122F D278DF33 92EF59C3 07DF4F8B C3DA35C5 B808AF4C 02EECDBB 9895733B 03DC96ED B9E98416 741D0C6D 91FB2041 F3DDE357 E06D33A5 AA373F5A BFDC49D4 E8A3AB76 78797E71 00000000 E0000544 000000EC A6C69A0F BD410000 61821A7D 6C63C7F9 5AB18B75 FCEC769A 9D2CA7CD 6A5999FE 12A20620 0C668906 A09EE497 C0B05021 5CAE6A97 A8FFBDD4 07F790ED 1514A23D BFD1B6D8 79001C1E 4C1A5760 086CFEED 771D03C2 92E1E14E 478E73CD 1B992901 9B375084 85D374D1 A6C33CB4 89FBDD4F 9ED9E63E 5037DF48 DE6C413E AEDD4FF1 1E5FAE90 FE251EE4 A51E7C1A 59A4CF53 5A31CF54 079D4FB2 F6AC6AF3 5CA911C3 CED45E84 5E1B95C8 93511BDD DD53A22D F1FAF364 43D82364 520E1090 0CB22606 1FAEBAAB 7EF84F3E 5A8EDDD6 7DA67768 5BE92050 80B44AF4 07B507F6 0B631590 DD17F40D 33D91B85 9A19EF3F 00000000 200000A4 00000006 D2000000 00000000
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