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  1. you forgot that this is for in game, maybe he does not have an AR or a an older edition. If you have, Latios would be a good option over Starmie, indeed. But cheat a Soul Dew(=non choiced specs ) for the extra power. I suggest Recover, Surf, Dragon pulse, CM
  2. Actually BL was proven to be superflous, since pretending Bls to be OU is way easier than making own tiers for them. That is the reason why I suggested to rename OU and UU, since they do not represent Overused and Underused pokes anymore. My suggestion is to name them upper-class and underclass, which is a quite representing name in the terms of inequality between pokes.
  3. I think wraith is right. From what I have seen most people agree with the current tiers, though we might consider to change the definition of a tier, which is in process anyway (vide limbo on smogon). The use of a pokemon should not be the only factor, if everyone decided to use Evoli according to a tiers definition Evoli would be OU, overused. Renaming OU and UU could be a first step in the direction of a new definition of tiers.
  4. Yes there is an easy option, you said Azelf did a good job. Use a mixed 252/252 sweeper (naive nature!) with fire blast/flamethrwoer, grass knot, psychic and Explosion, item life orb. It can handle stall with some prediction. It is a threat you do not want to underestimate, cb-Scizors bullet punch cannot ohko it, Tyranitar will be 2hkoed, Hippo can be ohkoed by Explosion gyarados will be 2hkoed by psychic with sr set up, rotom will be 2hkoed, Bliss will be ohkoed by Explosion(be careful and scout for Protect though, fake a nasty ploter >=)) Azelf can be a quite good stall breaker, so yeah give it a shot. oh and you really should consider a resttalk rotom, toxic stall Zapdos kills your team atm P
  5. Aight, you said you might consider the sugested TTar. Well I thought about how to solve the problem that sand might poses to some of your mons, I think Latias could be replaced and rotom could be made a resttalker, which will helps you check Zapdos too. As for Latias, I cannot see what are its purposes anyway, all it can do Mence+Suicune can do as well. I think it could be replaced by Ttar. Making rotom a resttalker will leave Mence and Suicune weak to sand, to some extent. I think this is an acceptable option.
  6. wow did you even read my post? I never was saying that gyarados was troublesome, I just noticed that he cannot beat stall, and the fact that he can roar bliss does not change anything. Bliss will use toxic and switch in again and again while toxic wears Suicune down before it gets 6 cm. Furthermore Ttar is a good option for this team if he uses a roost mence. Two pokes with instant recovery, three being imune two sand, why do you think sand would harm him? Also I suggested an ensemble, if he choses do do so, he might consider TTar over Suicune. oh and please read my post again before you post nonsens, Have a nice day
  7. Hello, I think your team synergy is very good, but there are still a few critics I have to make. First off your team counters/revenges most offensive threats, which is very good. The only things that could pose you troubles is an offensive cm Jirachi, which is not very common and maybe machamp if he haxes his way through your team P. All of your pokes perform both offensive and defensive well. Unfortunately you wont be able to beat good stall teams... For example your Suicune wont be able to beat Bliss, and even if it was Crocune it will never be able to beat stall that got a perish song Celebi. Suicune is not effective in beating stall anymore. Your Mence is not able either, it will be phazed and cannot do enough damage with dragon claw to take down Hippo or Gyarados. Scizor will be walled by gyarados and rotom, and Latias is completly walled by Blissey. To make your team more viable in beating stall I suggest you make Mence a mixed Mence 80 Atk / 252 SpA / 176 Spe, Draco Meteor, Brick Break, Fire Blast/Flamethrower, Roost, rash nature item life orb I think Brick Break+roost is more viable since Outrage makes Mence victim to revengers or status. I think this set is the best to break stall since it benefits from an instant recovery and can 2hko Bliss with Brick Break or just weaken it to finish it off with Latias. Another suggestion I can make is to replace Suicune with an expert belt TTar Superpower, Pursuit, Stone Edge, Fire punch 176 HP / 252 Atk / 80 Spe adamant nature, the aim is to predict a switch to bliss, which is not too hard, and use Pursuit. The Expert Belt pretends a Choice Band, and will cause most Blisses to stay after they have scouted for Pursuit with Protect. The next turn you use Superpower and ohko it. Even if your opponent knows this strategy you can still pursuit Bliss for high damage. TTar allows you to get rid of Bliss which will make Mixed Mence an extremely deadly force to any stall. It can ko a pursuited Bliss with Brick Break, roost and fire off Draco meteors and Fire Blasts until everything is utterly destroyed. Good luck
  8. if he cannot change any mons, what is the point of posting the team? This team does not stand a chance against common uu mons, and trick room(lol?) wont help at all. Octillery still cannot take a hit, and spiritomb simply does not have the power to be a good tr sweeper. Make spiritomb a cm rest talker, he might save your ass..
  9. Actually, Abomasnow + 5 clefable FEAR team is very fun to use.It is not so viable though I mean, the FEAR strategy sucks, and if you want to try it out, use: 1. Clefable;Magic Guard ignores sr, sandstorm. 2.Swinub: Resists hail and sandstorm, has priority.
  10. First off, your team has a poor synergy atm, I agree with some of the suggestions concerning spreads and moves that wraith made, you should give snorlax a shot, and if you insist on playing dd-Nite, the spread wraith gave you is the best. But why would you use dd-nite if mence does a better job in this? The only reason why Nite could be better is superpower which hurts blissey more than Brick break from Mence. Thus I suggest you use a mixed Nite 112 Atk / 200 SpA / 196 Spe, moves are superpower, draco metoer, flamethrower roost, rash nature, item life orb. it will weaken bliss in order to allow empoleon to sweep it late game. Blaziken is a poor choice in this team, none of your sweeping members needs the boost since they all can set up theirselves. I suggets you use a scarfed latias instead to help your ddmence and infernape weakness. Use the following spread and moves 252speed/252special attack, surf, thunderbolt, dragon pulse, trick/hp fire if you chose hp fire to ko scizors switching in to pursuit you, you might want to chose a modest nature, since you will be slower than all timid scarfs anyway(hp fire requires that you lower your speed ivs down to 30). As for the lead, I suggest you go with a standard lead like metagross252 HP / 236 Atk / 12 Def / 8 Spe , stealth rocks, meteor mash, bullet punch eq/explosionitem occa berry. Trust me, you better use standard if your not that experienced. Venusaur isnt a bad pokemon, but celebi outclasses it in all manners... Anyway I see you will have big trouble with adamant sd lucario since you chose nite over mence which has not intimidate.. So you will need a good fighting and lucario check. you could try an offensive celebi that outspeeds lucario. Most Lucarios run Crunch which means if you dont outspeed they will ohko celebi after one sd. I was thinking of a cm passing celebi 252 HP / 80 Def / 176 Spe timid nature, CM, baton pass, psychic, recover Psychic will hurt lucario and with lo recoil it will go down very fast. Furthermore if you manage to pass one or two cms to either empoleon or Snorlax they will threatening as hell. Even Bliss will fear a +2 empoleon when Torrent and the petaya activate. Good luck
  11. First off, by taking a glance at your team I have noticed that only one pokemon really benefits from it, Ludicolo. You made a semi rain dance team. Mine is a semi team too, but if you decide to do so you have to change it to make it a competitive team. There are different ways to use a semi rd team, the easiest is to use an Azelf lead with Psychic, Sr, Explosion, Rain Dance, item- Damp rock. check your opposing lead, use Rain dance if it is Infernape or heatran to weaken their fire attacks then use sr and explode in the last turn. If your are facing metagross use RD and Sr if it didnt kill you yet... against swampert use sr first since it cant hurt you and then rain dance. After having setting up the rain and preferably exploded on your opponent switch in a good rain dance sweeper, I like the ludicolo+dugtrio combo, just make sure you have a second rain dancer on your hands since traping blissey will waste a lot of turns.. Scizor is a vailable pokemon too, I prefer cb though, but it is your choice. As a second rain dancer(over floatzel which is a pathetic mon) I suggest Latias. Yes Latias, latias can handle zapdos to a ceratin extent and will hurt stupid ttars with a rain boosted surf. Use this set Rain dance surf dragon pulse recover,item-life orb. you are incredibly weak to any forms of gyarados atm giving it a boost by setting up rain doesnt help your problem.. I suggest you put anything over swampert which you dont need anylonger since latias will do his job. The only pokemon that comes to my mind is Weazing. It may sound a bit weird since few top battlers use it but it is the only mon that can check Lucario and gyarados which run through your team respectively. Maybe you guys will find a better one.. @wraith: he isnt ts weak at all, since forretress cant switch in any of his mons without being severly hurt, and tentacrule can be trapped and killed by dugtrio. Good luck
  12. octillery is a quite bad pokemon even in UU. You could try a crobat lead with the following moves Taunt, u-turn, brave bird, roost and a spirittomb with cm, dark pulse, rest sleep talk, with dark pulse chosen over shadow ball because its ability to hit everything in the game(exept for blissey with wonder guard =) ) You can stop any hazers, boosters or phazers with a taunting Crobat lead and pass to your spirittomb which will have a free turn to boost and then hit incoming phazers or hazers with a +1 darkpulse in order to weaken them continously until they have to rest. Crobat will serve as a good revenger as well, and prevents most uu sweepers to set up, Good luck
  13. in general the mode 2 vs 2 doesn´t mean you only have two pokemon in your party, but that two of your six poekomn are battling alongside. I don´t really understand those rules, are there two pokes you chose from a pool of 3, like in stadium? It will be hard to make a good team. I think Crobat will be a must have then.
  14. well, Vapo can´t pose gyarados any troubles with ice beam, it really needs hp electric. If chaos thinks he can get it, it will be a good addition to the team
  15. You can get Hidden Power in DS, too.I am trying to make the team perfect.
  16. Hello Chaos, actually the fact that you have Tyrannitar in your team doesn´t make it a sandstorm team. Few pokemon in your team benefit from it, but ok. Aerodactyl isn´t a good lead in dpp, if you take a look at the top leads list you will see why, common leads are azelf, Infernape, heatran, metagross. Only two of them, Heatran and zelf that lacks psychic, can´t do anything to aerodactly if you use taunt to stop their attempts to set up sr. Metagross will 2hko you with bulletpunch and set up sr after your dead and explode on another mon, infernape will use fake out and cc and will still have its sash when it sets up sr. Azelf without psychic and heatran won´t do anything to you but it isn´t worth it. Anyway none of your team members is weak to sr, why would you need a fast taunter? I suggest a Swampert, with the following set,Sr, EQ, Protect, Ice beam thi swill allow you to gain an advantage over all the other leads, protect is needed to survive explosion since eq can´t ohko metagross. The next thing is, your are incredibly weak to ground atm, for example a gyarados with eq can ko all of your team members, gyarados will give you a hard day anyway since metagross can´t really hurt it, same for empoleon. To fix your ground weakness I suggest you make gliscor more defensive, it will be your lucario check too and replace empoleon or metagross. I think you should keep metagross I really like it. If you make tyrannitar a cb pursuiter to get rid of rotom and celebi, metagross can beat stall with relative ease. Therefore use thunderpunch(for gyarados), hp fire, mm, grass knot. As I said, said Tyrannitar is quite ineffective atm, make it cb, with the following set:crunch pursuit se aquatail the next thing we have to do is find a check to mixedmence and gyarados which can give your team a very hard time respectively. I rarely suggest this, but I think a Vaporeon would fit very well to your team. I fyou predict well it can stall mixed mence with wish protect, and it will be a reliable gyarados check. I suggest the standard vaporeon 252hp/252def bold, surf wish protect hp electric. Also it can heal ttar when it got hurt by rotom or celebi enabling it to take on another pursuit victim. Furthemore, you could make your gliscore defensive to survive a +1 waterfall. I suggest you use eq, roost thunderfang and taunt. thunderfang to revenge gyarados if you let vaporeon die. Good luck
  17. I overpredicted too much. =( But it was a good battle. EDIT: because of luck, great teams may suck
  18. Very Nice, but this doesn't fit into the metagame.lots of azelfs now use taunt, and azelf is no. 1 in usage(leads), so it is a big problem.Same with aerodactyl, but it is no. 6 instead.Trickscarf users screw this up too.Common trickscarf-er is jirachi, the no. 3 lead.Roserade is a big problem, too.Metagross with lum berry will screw this up too, as EQ + Bullet punch is an OHKO. Simply, this set is very nice, but this metagame is not the time to use it. I give it a 8/10, because I still feel like the trickscarf smeargle is better, but this is quite viable too.
  19. Lol, that latias IS scarfed.i thought I posted that, sorry. Also, I asked wraith(mod) if I can post on page 2 threads and he told me I can, so it is not an issue. now, I ask, have you ever tried a 6 choice team?A serious 6 choice team , to be precise.I am using a 6 choice team, and I got up to 1485 rating using only it on smogon.
  20. Yes, I meant adamant.I will fix it in a minute. Shuca berry metagross is not used(at all), simply because 130 defence and 80hp makes it survive things like mamoswine(no boosting item) EQ.Altough fire attack are problematic for it, as it has only above average sp defence(90) and fire attacks have very high damage output(Overheat has 140, fire blast has 120).Or however you call it.So most of metagrosses use occa berry. Aerodactyl is not a problem, as ice fang 2HKOs it with ease, while aerodactyl uses taunt and stealth rock. Ty for the rate.
  21. lol, its flinch rate is 60%, it is not THAT high.You are too slow to take advantage to the high flinch rate.Zen headbutt has a flinch rate of 40% anyway. Iron head is fantastic, if you want to use it, use it on this moveset: Jirachi@shuca berry 252atk, 252hp, 4spe Adamant Serene Grace Iron Head Body Slam Fire Punch Stealth rock
  22. Very nice moveset! I have a few things though.First off, your lead was not able to beat azelf.it will set up sr and ohko you with explosion.So, by sacrificing focus punch for defeating bliss, I reccomend you quick attack.Quick attack will finish off any sasher, so azelf will not be able to explode on you.Also, nape is easily taken out by combination of EQ and quick attack.You don't need attack EVs, as EQ will ohko heatran anyway.That's a nice moveset, I can say. With my changes, I give it a 8/10!
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