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  1. No, but I know Marriland. He is a YouTuber who gives walkthroughs on how to complete all Pokemon versions and all that randomness, but I never saw him use that strategy :mad:
  2. I learned a great strategy from my friend recently. It is the smartest one I've probably heard yet. Too bad it's too common... Rattata Rampage 1. Get a Rattata at the lowest level as possible. 2. Give it a Focus Sash. 3. Teach it Endeavour and Quick Attack. For example, if you were fighting a Lv. 100 Infernape, it will obviously attack you first. If it hits your Rattata with an attack like Flamethrower, you will have 1 HP remaining because of your Focus Sash. When you use Endeavour, it brings your opponent down to the same amount of HP you have. The Infernape will have 1 HP left. Quick Attack will hit first, so use it when Infernape is 1 HP to defeat the Infernape. And there! A low level Ratatta has defeated a Lv. 100 Infernape! Credits to my friend for teaching me this strategy.
  3. The fifth Gym Leader, Fantina was the hardest for Infernape to overcome because since Infernape is also a Fighting-type, the Pokemon kept on using Hypnosis, Confusion and Psychic. My friend gave me an unwanted Gengar at Lv. 42, and so I won with it.
  4. The cutest Pokemon are Igglybuff or Cleffa. Blissey is also a cute one.
  5. Hello everyone! Thanks for the welcome. And yes, Flygon has great typing
  6. My HM Slaves are: Bibarel Strength Surf Waterfall Rock Climb Scyther Fly Cut Defog
  7. It's nice to meet you wraith89 . Thanks for the first welcome.
  8. Hi PPokemon forum users! I am Flygon. You may be wondering why I came up with such a random Pokemon's name; it's because Flygon is my favourite Pokemon! Well it's nice to meet you all. I may see you all the time. Maybe we can become friends one day. Who knows? We all rock! :kikkoman:
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