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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently working on translating file 0016.txt, let me know if there's anyone else working on it or something. I'll try to have it done tomorrow or the day after, it's over 1000 lines long.
  2. OMG thanks a bunch Nigoli Hope it'll be as quick w/ Ash's Pikachu, I know a lot of people really want that too
  3. Stereotypical much? Just because someone likes the color black doesn't make them emo. But yeah I'm definitely going with Black. I love the color black, white is just so...empty...and ghostly...(technically though neither black nor white are actual "colors") I love black, so at first I thought "I'm definitely getting Black." Then later when they revealed the legendaries I was confused at which one I was going to get, White has Zekrom which seems cooler and Black has Reshiram which is white (which I "hate," I guess you could say) so I thought I might switch to White. Then they revealed their second types, and since they made the Fire-type starter a pig, I switched to Black again.
  4. Green Grimer in Sapphire... I evolved it into a green Muk and traded it to my Ruby and forgot I had it in there, then started a new game on there, I got really pissed at myself...
  5. This is the x2 code. 1206FADA 0000006C 1206FB2E 00002002 0206FB30 E03A4345 1206FB44 00008965 Notice this line... 1206FB2E 00002002 Particularly... 00002002 Change the 2 at the end to whatever EXP multipler number you want to use. Make sure the multiplier value is in hexadecimal, of course. So if you want the multiplier to be 100, it would be 64. ...which would make the EXP x100 code 1206FADA 0000006C 1206FB2E 00002064 0206FB30 E03A4345 1206FB44 00008965 btw, if someone needs the All TM's + HM's code because they screwed up, here... it's long-ish.
  6. Actually, yes, I did. Red, Blue, and Yellow: 151/151 (each) Crystal: 251/251 Sapphire: 386/386 Emerald: 342/386 (still working on it >_<) Diamond: 493/493 Platinum: 271/493 (I never cared much for Platinum, I was too lazy to go back and do ALL the work I did on Diamond all over again) SoulSilver: 395/493 (currently playing this one...) As you can see, for each generation I have at least one game with the Pokedex filled.
  7. I found these three event codes from a guy on YouTube named newgrounder999. L+R to activate. Manaphy Egg Pichu Arceus Anyone care to test them?
  8. I had an R4DS SDHC and it worked perfectly, never had any problems with it.
  9. There's a way to use Platinum Event editing in HGSS. I've used this method for every event I put into my SS save, and it works perfectly.
  10. So are most other DSi flashcards, including the SuperCard ONEi and M3i Zero. I personally recommend M3i Zero as it has more features than Acekard 2i. SuperCard ONEi is pretty good too, but it's really slow.
  11. Mine says 62276. Anyway...here's a link to a pack with a PCD, PGT, and PKM in it: http://www.mediafire.com/?vomztkz0zly It's completely legit, I went to the TRU event. TRU Arceus.rar TRU Arceus.pcd.pcd TRU Arceus.pgt TRU Arceus.pkm
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