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  1. These days its piss easy to complete the pokedex, what with wifi and all. But back in the day, even though there were less to catch, it wasn't as easy. Especially since a lot of kids just used their starter. *coughiwasoneofthemcough* So in the early days of Pokemon, Did you become a master and catch em all? 151 or 251? I got to like 126 on red and I dunno how far in silver :\ kinda gave up since I used the masterball on zapdos and I thought mewtwo couldn't be caught with any less lol
  2. I got to 126 on my game ;D Close to completing the dex for the first time in my life lol Had no idea they gave certificates out. Wish I had sent in my game =[ Although the file prolly woulda been erased again lol
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    Hey, I'm Jizg. Some of you may already know me, some of you may not. ...I'm gonna cry if I don't see at least one person to know my name. ;_; LOL nah, that's why I'm posting here isn't it? I'm looking for a decent size Pokemon forum, so I registered here to take a look around. Stuff about me you say? I'm 18 years old and still love Pokemon(although I hated DP) and I've kinda gone back to old school stuff recently. RBY + Stadium is the most fun I ever had with a Pokemon game. Dodrio GB makes boxtricking easier too. <3 I played competitively for a while but after netbattle died and seeing how shit shoddy was, I pretty much quit. I was pretty decent though, if I do say so myself There isn't much more to say. If you wanna know me better you can message me or whatever. I don't bite. I do crunch though :3
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