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  2. Cause it's too likely right, since they've been mirroring the Legends2018 release all this time XD In any case, to confirm the moves: Zekrom Fusion Bolt Bolt Strike Outrage Stone edge Reshiram Fusion Flare Blue Flare Draco Meteor Earth Power
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  4. even without translating the moves , i can already tell that they will be the same as the 2018Legends events
  5. Hey i'm pretty new to randomizing, so i did the Regular, copy to SOS thing. but pokemon like Ivysaur can't even call for help. How do i turn on that ANY pokemon can call for help?
  6. Additionally, no idea if any of the users mentioned wants to sell em. I'm mentioning them here so that they can respond here (as opposed to having to reply to 1000 of PMs) @YoshiMoshi @King Impoleon
  7. So I have a weird bug...every change I make in the randomizer works except that the move flamethrower only does 1 damage no matter what. Doesn't matter what Pokemon uses it, or if it's super-effective and should do tons of damage, it ONLY does 1 damage every single time. Has anyone else experienced this and/or know how to fix it??
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  9. The attachment is still up on his parallel post here: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=349000 I think the OP left permanently, I do not know what the rule is with regard to re-uploading the patch myself...
  10. Thanks! Also, how come it has all the Pokemon in let's go only uses 152 plus meltan?
  11. Based on another thread, it looks like KingImpolean had one too.
  12. The newest PKHex will generate if you drop a let's go wondercard onto the bag slots.
  13. Ahh there it is. I was wondering if they would have a distro at that event.
  14. Between June 8th to June 9th 2019, Zekrom and Reshiram will be distributed at the site of the Korean League, the Seouliteum. Source: https://pokemonkorea.co.kr/pkl2019_final
  15. Hi I am using pknx and it works? Changing shiny rate and spawn works 100% but when i edit trainer pokes and set the edited pokes then save, I get no folder with my games title ID like I do with the spawn modifier and shiny rate changes Help?
  16. Yeah just go our Downloads section, there’s SAVs and PKMs sub-categories there.
  17. @LeKrenax It's called model/animation swapping. SM you say? here's a tutorial on how to do it:
  18. Last week
  19. So i decrypted, extracted, randomized and rebuilt my 3ds file that im trying to use in citra, but everytime i try to use the file in citra it crashes? it wont load the game at all, although the 3ds file UNRANDOMIZED runs perfectly fine. Ive already renamed .code.bin to code.bin, and have 0 clue what to do or how to fix this
  20. Hi, I need a little help here. I used export backup memory to convert my volt white save from .dsv to .sav but when I opened the file on MG Editor the message "Wrong File!" pops up stating "This is not a Pokemon save file!" It worked for my Platinum save though but not for White/Volt White. Could there be a problem with the ROM? Tried it on every version of MG Editor and still the same message pops up. I also converted the file from .dsv to .sav using pokegen but still didn't work. Cant figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance **EDIT** NVM just found out I could get the mystery gift using pokegen lol
  21. Hello. I made an account on this site just so I could reply to this. I used these codes way back and encountered one problem more. It’s about Mira in the Wayward cave. She walks around there and when interacted with, she just say what she would say if you had her following you, but dosen’t actually follow you. The fixed Azelf and Uxie code fixed every problem except for her, and I wanna ask if there is someone willing to make an AR code that removes her from that cave. I know that it’s not a big problem for the game, But it bothers me. I want to keep my platinum game free from further cheats and problems and play the game without any more problems and worries. Thanks.
  22. Apparently, that python file was made for use with Python 2, but you are using Python 3.
  23. YoshiMoshi (A Member On Project Pokémon) has one.
  24. Hello, I have question. download python file(16aDdLjw.py) and run. however, this error has occured. Is there a way to solve this problem?
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