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  1. Go to the key item codes and use the Blue Orb item mystery gift cheat. Max pokethon stats are in the list. See my last post. And look! These code will 100% work with the LEDGIT HG AND SS!!! NOT THE EMULATORS OR DSI AR!!!! I am not responsible for making them work with those versions. Hate to sound smart, but buy the ledgit rom version for you rom and emulator users. And for DSi users, you're outta luck. These are certainly made to work for the original DS AR.
  2. I got a friend at GBA temple, who is making that code as we speak and a few other codes as well.
  3. A few warnings. First of all, SHINY POKEMON or the SHINY CODE will NOT WORK with the following. -Pokerus -IV Codes -EV Codes -Natures Modifier Why? I don't know, but the codes in general don't work with Shiny Pokemon and freezes the game. However it works 100% with non shiny pokemon. And again, USE KEY ITEM AND WALK THROUGH WALLS CODES AT YOUR RISK!!!! I am telling you, MANY people who did it early screwed up their gamesaves big time. Don't use the HM codes unless you have all them (recommended) and don't use key items at all early. People got their gamesaves screwed over with the red gyradoes part and other ones too. Also, the Kanto map glitch that don't show up? Well, if you used the walk through walls and didn't travel by the boat, there goes your reason. When you go through the boat, and arrive in Kanto, it will now display the Kanto when you access it through the map and in fly mode.
  4. I never expected this topic to go this far (As I am the topic starter of this thread) I became a bit inactive since then, but all these 36 pages (more than 500 posts) that had repeats of codes and questions posted. I ask to see my new topic here. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?8621-ULTIMATE-SOUL-SILVER-AND-HEART-GOLD-CODES-V1-0 This topic was meant for NEW codes, not codes posted above. I kept seeing questions about using a code and reposting codes already posted or existed. For example, I got people acting like the view IV and EV code was new or the TM mod. No offense, but I am already a step ahead of everybody here at this forum, when it comes to codes. In fact, at my forum, I released a V1.2 codelist of brand codes I had people at GBA temple make for me that nobody else has. So I am asking nicely to stop posting repeat codes. Seeing the IV and EV codes and questions about over and over again, is sickly. Please check with this topic before asking for a code. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?8621-ULTIMATE-SOUL-SILVER-AND-HEART-GOLD-CODES-V1-0 Ok? Good. If you have trouble shooting with a code, I advise creating a trouble shooting topic. I am sick of people flooding my PM box both here and at my forum, with a code they are screwing up on. I am not a technican or handygirl, I simply make, share and discover codes. I don't do all the fixing with gamesaves and pokemon. This topic was not meant for that. Sorry if I'm sounding jerkish, but that's the reason why I created this topic in the first place.
  5. OK, so this is from my forum, which is found in my signature link. I have 30 new codes and making a V1.2, which is currently being made, this is the older version, but is still a boatload of codes. So, here are mine to share, and you know how to give credits and see the updated version. (Click on my siggy!) NEARLY 100 SOUL SILVER AND HEART GOLD RARE AND CUSTOM CODES! *Note: ALL codes had been edited as one post* These are 100% US Action Replay Codes compatible with both Soul Silver and Heart Gold! Enjoy and Credits to the hackers that developed these! *Note: These are put in spoiler format to save thread space and scrolling. ::TM MODIFER FINALLY MADE!!!!!! ::NEW SHINY CODE 2!!! *credits to Okamifang99 ::Button Codes *credits to Meadow (thanks! Allows customization) ::Rename Traded Pokemon ::Money, Max Coins, Pokewalker Steps, Badges, Repel and Game Time Edit Codes. ::Wild Pokemon Modifiers ::Nature Modifier ::Max IVs ::Wild Pokemon Hidden Power Max ::Legendary Pokemon Rebattle and Music Edits ::Pokemon Edits, TM/HM mods, Shiny Encounter, Instant Egg and Cloning ::Game Tweaks, Quick Screen Change, Message Speed, Move Anywhere, Genders ::Complete Player Mod List ::All Item Codes ::All PokeGear and Accessories ::Complete Pokedex ::Trainer Battle Mods, Run from battles, 100% Catch, Rebattle ::Battle Mods, Infinite PP, HP, K.O's, Status ::Safari Mods ::Encounter Codes ::Battle Frointer Mods ::Use Bag Any Battle (Works on Wi-Fi) ::Pokethon Codes ::Experience, Max IV, Max EV, Max PP, Pokerus Codes ::Battle Experience ::DS Backlight Control ::Daylight Codes ::PokeGear Calling Codes ::Camera Codes 2D and 3D Here are some new codes I discovered when changing digits of the animation code ::Pokemon Center Animation Cut, HP bar damage animation cut, Rising Money *Everyday new codes will be added here, if you found these useful, please join if you haven't already. ::Orignal Gameboy Soundtrack, Instant Encounter, Max Mom Savings, Max Cash ::Event Complete codelist part 1 Pichu, Jiraichi, Manaphy Egg, Arceus, Mareep, Slowpoke Tail, Gracidea, Gameboy Player, Red Scale, Red, Blue and Green Orbs, Lock Capsule, Enigma Stone ::Event Complete Codelist 2 Mew, Celebi, Jirachi
  6. This code was custom made for me by PM from Elixer, so no one else has this code. It's the always rain code. I only asked for him to make it rain, so I have no other weather mod codes as rain is my favorite weather. But you could probably edit the code to make it into a different weather. I'm about to do a next code upgrade to my list located in signature, I will have new codes in store by the end of the day.
  7. I'm not gonna worry about the pc shiny code. Because the new shiny code affects all pokemon including the 3 dogs and event pokemon. That was the reason why I was making it, but I'm not gonna worry about it now.
  8. Good good. Now how about that weather mod code? And I'm not talking about that cheap daylight effect code.
  9. The code only made Day and Night flicker on and off. Whoever posted that code is misleading.
  10. Well it would certainly explain why the virus code don't work. But really, the pc pkrus code posted at my forums, works for me though. I just think it's freespirit's error in translation.
  12. Great! Now how about the weather modifer? I want the game to rain, like I could in platinum.
  13. Ok I got tired of requesting in other topics and my post keep getting ignored. I have EVERY CODE you guys posted here! I'm honestly fed up with the repeat of codes being posted. I'm dead serious I have every code! Look in my signature in my link! More than 100 codes. All that you guys posted here! NOW, listen up! This codelist is missing 2 final codes before it's complete. The weather modifer and TM/Move modifier. Seriously, I'm fed up trading pokemon over on wifi onto my diamond, to teach my pokemon moves from the diamond modifer. MANY are asking for the move modifer too for SS and HG! So this topic is solely created for development of this code. We can careless about IV and EV and Nature codes, I got all of those in my signature. We all need the move modifer. Now anyone here who is willing to help develop this code?
  14. No the code for it isn't working as of now. I am trying to work on a PC version of the Shiny Code. I'm very close to breaking it.
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