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  2. Sorry, could you explain the situation better?
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  4. This Event loads up as being claimed somewhere in XY, which I don't think is possible?
  5. I don't know, I don't see that mark when I download the file...
  6. Same problem happen with Pokemon Red, so probably Pokemon Blue too.
  7. Hello, All non NPC events are not properly resetted, it mean you can't re-battle zapdos (it simply doesn't appear) as the battle is not triggered by an NPC. Everything triggered by NPC seems to work (Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and the given Old Chamber for Aerodactyl only) even if the items/pokemon overworld models doesn't appear.
  8. Hi. I would like to change a Ball from a specific pkm. For example: All Venusaur are with Poke Ball but I would like to change all to Luxury Ball. How can I do this? Thanks
  9. Version 1.0.0


    .PK8 files of all the different Alcremie Forms and Flavors Let me know if there are any issues
  10. What operating system are you using, and is it 32 bit or 64 bit? Sky Editor will let you specify a lot of combos, but the game won't pick those up. If you don't set the evolutions properly, then when a special story event happens, your stats won't turn out right. For Pokémon that don't evolve, this can't be helped.
  11. Wait for PKHeX update, or go to Event > Research and unset flag 0609.
  12. Zeraora is a Mythical Pokémon; therefore, can’t be bread (exception to this is Manaphy) and Zeraora doesn’t have a Hidden Ability.
  13. Good Morning, I am trying to get a hidden ability on my shiny Zeraora that we got from raids, can this be edited in PKHex or can i breed it and get hidden abilities?
  14. Thanks! Been looking for this everywhere. where can i plug in 0609 in PKHex to make snorlax reappear?
  15. in my hgss save file, where is the option to respawn snorlax?
  16. You can use Raid Finder or Lenny's Plugin for PKHeX to search the appropriate Den ID
  17. Home has its own TID, it doesn't share you Sword/Shield game TID. Every Home account gets rolled another TID that should be different from your game. As far as I know you didn't say you edited your Home TID, but your SwSh TID?
  18. I edited my trainer ID before the release of HOME and I just realized that my ID does not match HOME gifts such as, hidden ability starters and Pokeball color Magearna. Is there a way to fix this? Edit, yeah you can edit them manually each time, but eh... Sometimes I may forget.
  19. Shiny Meloetta has not been officially released, so no.
  20. Help please, need shiny meloetta for ultra moon, thank you
  21. Hi, As the new dlc 1 has been released. I wanted to try and host shiny raids on the dlc1 island. However I don't know what den mine is categorized under since the dens list on pkhex is 1-100. the den i am trying to edit is 156-157 from what i saw on serebii. ANy help appreciated
  22. Lol no. I feel like this has been asked numerous times (either block either or complete save, some variation to that. In effect "I want complete curry dex" lol.) Somehow is gonna have to research and document each curry entry and the sizes etc, in order to create an editor. As neither the research nor the editor exists, the next best thing would be to import the curry block from a game that has it completed. (Tho I imagine importing said block won't change the value on your trainer card)
  23. Is/will there be a way to edit curry dex with PkHeX or with block data editing? Curry making isn't something I do too often (according to my trainer card only I did it like 6 times); but, just curious if it's there/if it will be there in the future. Thanks in advance, mods/admins.
  24. Yesterday
  25. You're gonna need a public method on hacking the HOME architecture to send mons. To my understanding, if it can be done, it'll be revolved around "mimicking/spoofing how HOME receives mons from a game", which would mean you'll likely need the keys from your Switch to emulate that process, which sounds like a risk if you ask me. (Keys from your Switch = they're able to ban your Switch if they detect and block the method). Even then, I have doubts that PKHeX will send into HOME for your. It'll likely be stated that "such a function will bloat the program", and you'll have to use the HOME spoofing program (if/when it exists) to send the PK8 to HOME. In other words, as RoC said, "no".
  26. Hi guys, I downloaded the Texts, to change the name of the rival Paul for that of a friend. But when adding the texts again I get this error, does anyone know how to fix it ... I have not removed the code line as indicated by the error ...
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