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  1. This is a 20min replayable-friendly hack about an Espurr and Litwick that live together. It is very dialogue based, containing only one "optional" bossfight. Made by dede6giu Espurr sprites and portraits by Nero Intruder Litwick sprites and portraits by Ernmuffin The newest patch => 3-DAYS_patch.xdelta (US Version of the ROM) I hope you have fun playing it!
  2. Hey! This is a small project a friend of mine and I started in order to bring PMD:EoS to our native language! As you might know, the situation for portuguese fans of Nintendo's work is very bad, specially worse on Brazil. Besides not getting ANY translation support from Nintendo's games, here in Brazil they straight up didn't even existed until recently: everything was imported - thus out of reach to most families. Besides maybe the wii and SNES, I don't think anything else from them is popular around here (of course, I mean on physical form. Emulators are famous, obviously). Anyhow, by February 6th 2021, we've translated the first chapter, the personality quiz fully, and working on menus and chapters 2 and 3. We plan on putting on a demo out soon! June 21th 2022 => 7th chapter done. If you are willing to help, please do contact me. The newest patch => patch_2022-07-21.xdelta If you want to know how it's going or if you find any issues such as misspelling, don't feel scared to talk to us on discord! We are on skytemple's server, and my tag is dede6giu#4634.
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