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  1. Yeah, i think your right, and i think if you can find a rom you shouldn't be able to play, I have the roms, just cant patch them....
  2. Please don't share roms Via this topic, Pm if you have to.
  3. Quick question, Its about github, Will the fork I made always be on top of what of all the other ones?
  4. I could explain it to you in english, as I am american, German is a language i know however. So how you do it, you go to Github page for ProjectPokemon, then hit the JediMasterBane's branch, and start editing a file from either japanese to german, (0001) or English to German, (0000). You can edit it on the Github site, or you can download it.
  5. I would have to agree, wait until the patch is out for the people to flood in.
  6. Also if it is in Italian it should go into their topic.
  7. Hey after looking at the pokedex, my Pokabu's name changed to 5 of the same Japanese characters.
  8. This may or may not be relevant, but Has anyone tried mystery gift form Nintendo Wifi? I think you can actually get something.
  9. I on an Original R4DS, with wood 1.12, it seems to be working fine however I will test it more.
  10. Thanks, I will do an update soon. Just need to get in contact with Dexomega. Edit: Started on 0000, if it looks wrong fix it please. I am off to bed.
  11. I made that thread, but i was wondering if i should start a new fork or what?
  12. Hey, one question, Would I just fork the Project for the German translation? Or what?
  13. I already started in German thread if you need help post there, in english though.
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