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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I started using PKHeX to try and get shiny pokemon and items I don't have. Whenever I load my game, it says "Saved file is corrupt", I cant for the life of me figure out how to get it to work. Here are some of the things I have tried: -resetting my new nintendo 3ds -resetting homebrew -resetting the save file in PHKHeX and writing over it -naming the save file "main" None of these things have worked, and where ever i look i cant find a way that actually works. I am using homebrew 2.0 and JK save manager. If there are any questions about anything else I am using please ask. I really want to figure out how to fix this. Thank you!
  2. Hello there everyone. This is my first post on here so I am sorry if I do something incorrectly. The two pokemon I have attached is from my original Gameboy saves of FireRed (Dragonite) and Sapphire (Torkoal) that are currently in my Alpha Sapphire save. Dragonite was caught from the safari zone while my Torkoal was in the wild. PKHeX is saying that they originate from an Egg which is incorrect. (Possibly) Important Detail: Several years ago in Pokemon White, I had an AR Code for making my pokemon in shinies through the PC box. But in doing so, has made each pokemon illegal, BUT, PokeTransporter never spotted anything wrong with them at first and transported all but a few. Those select few were edited back to normal by learning RNGReporter and changing their PID back to a non-shiny state. The ones that made it through had all been corrected except for a couple that gave errors that RNGReporter couldn't help me with. In case you were wondering, "Corrected" means reverting to a non-shiny state except those that were obtained shiny legitimately. If someone can help me out by explaining why it is saying this, I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. 149 - Dragonite - BA74A1EAB0F2.pk6 324 - MOLTEN - 3946343B1D19.pk6
  3. Moves that are learned only in the first generation games, that can be legally traded back and forth between Gen 1 and 2 on VC or otherwise are being flagged as illegal. Legendary PK1 files directly inserted into a Gen 2 game are also being flagged illegal. Nothing is edited on the Legendaries, these are captured and trained in-game. The Mew is an unedited copy of the GF Mew and was previously legal in the last version of PKHeX.
  4. kimodragon

    help please

    need help PKHeX Didn't Work
  5. cruziioh

    Problem on PKHeX

    hello, i have a problem when i put my save (pokemon omega ruby on new 3ds XL) .sav in PKHeX they tell me: input file is too large. What can I do ? Thx.
  6. PKHeX doesn't have RS's offset for the mailbox so it reads garbage data instead of the actual mail data. It thinks that Emerald and RS have the same offsets. pokemon ruby.sav
  7. So when i loaded my ruby sapphire into pkhex i went to check the roamer's stats but i got nothing instead as shown below in the attached photo. I've also tested with my sapphire save and got same results. (Roamers are active on both saves) pokemon ruby.sav
  8. So yesterday I decide to see an old .dsv file in th new PkHex from a Platinum rom I played in 2016, the legality checker acuses the Cherrim as a pokemon with Invalid: Unable to match an encouter from origin game Origin Game: Platinum Met Location: Eterna Forest The question is... I caught their basic form Cherubi from that place without any edits and cheats and then I evolve him to Cherrim. So why this error? Sorry for any mistakes but english is not my first language Ps: The Met date is from 2009 because I was playing with my clock in Windows modified to see any inconsistences about the berrys in that time (personal curiosity :D)
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