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  1. So I was able to narrow down all my Pokemon to around 1800 and are in several locations and backed up. Now it is a matter of getting all Ultra Moon Pokemon back into Ultra moon and respectively with Moon. And I'll create the save files for Sun and Ultra Sun onto my 2DS and export it onto my SD card so I can import the remaining Pokemon and all the events I have missed. Thanks again for you help!
  2. Oh geez! Thank you both for your help! I'll try this after my class tomorrow and will let you know how it goes!
  3. What do u mean by checksum? Is that some PKHeX has in it?
  4. Hey there everyone. I recently lost my Sun and Ultra Sun saves on my 2DS in an attempt to get homebrew on there with a bunch of my Pokemon and didn't think to back up the SD card because of how close I was to finishing. Long story short, my SD card got corrupted and when Windows 10 asked to "repair" it, it actually just wiped the entire drive and didn't warm me. So I found a way to get my old pokemon back through old backup saves on my other SD card (which I have backed up since in the incident) and to my avail, I found the Pokemon on a variety of saves. Now, these Pokemon are the culmination of almost 15 years since I was 5 and couldn't bear to think that I just lost them like that. Thousands of pokemon over the years and I wouldn't even know where to start on which ones I lost. Not even PokeBank could hold them all. My issue though is that while I edited them or whenever this happened, some of them got duplicated many times. Is there a program that helps me find duplicates and I can see a wide overview of my Pokemon? I thought of using Porybox but it hasn't been updated in two years, there is no way to download an entire box, and its incredibly sluggish with loading Pokemon. PkHeX is super helpful but only has like 31 boxes which is no where near enough for me, unless it can be increased or something like that than I will just use that to help me search through everything. Thanks to whoever can help me out! I very much appreciate it!
  5. Hey everyone. I had an idea while trying to go through all of my Pokemon files. Why doesn't someone make a program like the Pokemon boxes where you can just drag and drop pokemon into the box from like PKHeX and have all pokemon together. It would make it a lot easier to manage all Pokemon from all diferent saves that someone might have (including myself). I don't know a whole lot about coding and just wanted to suggest it to someone else that might know the proper steps to make this a reality.
  6. What I meant by corrected was that I fixed my pokemon except for a couple. These I couldn't fix. These never originated from an egg. That's for sure. How can I change PIDIV type to a non-egg state
  7. Hello there everyone. This is my first post on here so I am sorry if I do something incorrectly. The two pokemon I have attached is from my original Gameboy saves of FireRed (Dragonite) and Sapphire (Torkoal) that are currently in my Alpha Sapphire save. Dragonite was caught from the safari zone while my Torkoal was in the wild. PKHeX is saying that they originate from an Egg which is incorrect. (Possibly) Important Detail: Several years ago in Pokemon White, I had an AR Code for making my pokemon in shinies through the PC box. But in doing so, has made each pokemon illegal, BUT, PokeTransporter never spotted anything wrong with them at first and transported all but a few. Those select few were edited back to normal by learning RNGReporter and changing their PID back to a non-shiny state. The ones that made it through had all been corrected except for a couple that gave errors that RNGReporter couldn't help me with. In case you were wondering, "Corrected" means reverting to a non-shiny state except those that were obtained shiny legitimately. If someone can help me out by explaining why it is saying this, I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. 149 - Dragonite - BA74A1EAB0F2.pk6 324 - MOLTEN - 3946343B1D19.pk6
  8. I think I am a little late to the party on this one but I got a problem with trying to launch Mystery Gift Tool and Gen3 Event Tool. My computer is telling me that it cannot execute either program from Winrar. When I try to drag them onto my desktop, It is telling me that I need permission to do that. This is the first time that I need permission to move anything onto my hard drive. I should mention too that Chrome and Bitdefender tried to stop the download process (Bitdefender let me download it but Chrome always stops it) so I went through Microsoft Edge. Is there something I can do to fix this?
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