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  1. Hello. I have a Crobat which I caught in Pokémon Sword Expansion. It was found in Frostpoint Field as a Golbat at level 58. I gave it vitamins to raise it's friendship and evolved it at level 71. PKHeX Flagged it as illegal in both 10.24.2020 and 10.31.2020 builds. 169 - Crobat - BF701302E26B.pk8
  2. I've done some research, and it seems you don't need winetricks. .NET Framework 4.6(not sure if 4.6.1 or 4.6.2) is required for PKHeX to work properly. I didn't find anything for installing .NET Framework on Crossover, not sure if you can just download the setup from Microsoft and use it right away.
  3. Well, since I don't use Windows, I can't say much. Maybe some other can help you better. Not sure if every Windows comes with .NET Framework pre-installed. My guess is that it doesn't. My problem was the .NET Framework installation due to poor internet connection. (It would help if you share a screenshot of the problem, and share more details. That way, there is more possibility to help you.)
  4. Do you use Windows, Mac or Linux?
  5. When you export .sav (main) file, just put it (the modified save file) on the folder were you backup/restore game saves on your SD card for 3DS.
  6. Is your switch even "hackable"? You've got to first check your serial number. If it is hackable, you could check this guide. But do so at your own risk. Generally, we don't use the "Nintendo" folder, instead on the root of the SD card, you can create a "switch" folder. (If it doesn't already exists).
  7. 1. You only need to download Checkpoint.nro. 2. Copy to SD card, preferably to switch folder. 3. It should create a folder once you start using it. 4. Any Switch game cartridge or digital, store saves on the console. This is why you can use the same software on different accounts with different saves. Hope it helps.
  8. Thanks for the help, I managed to get it working now. It didn't work at first, but it turns out that was just a problem with internet connection. After I fixed that, I installed .NET with winetricks again and it worked.
  9. I have the latest wine, and, to my understanding I have .NET Framework 4.6. Gotta double check wine tricks. (Wine version is the latest stable by the way).
  10. I'm pretty sure this or similar questions have been asked before, but all I see are different answers. I would like to know if anyone has managed to build PKHeX to use it on Linux. At least in part. I ask because I've pretty much been trying to build, find and use PKHeX for Linux Ubuntu 20.04. I don't know a lot of coding, but I don't see guides that really helps with knowledge. I've been trying to build with Visual Studio, MonoDevelop... And there is always an error or warning. Is it even POSSIBLE for me to build it in a way so I can I use on Linux without needing Windows or its .NET Core? I really don't like Windows. I've tried wine. It loads, but with a lot of errors and it can't open Sword or Shield saves. Whenever I move the mouse to the box, it shows and error, so, basically I can't do anything with it. PKHeX for me does not work since Sword and Shield support came. I'm pretty sure it has to do with .NET Framework, I believe. Trying to find a solution that doesn't require Windows. If some of its dependencies are required, I prefer the minimal. Thanks in advance.
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