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  1. Okay, But I'm Starting to Think It's Corrupt Try With This. If Does Work it, I will see how to fix the previous one. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0mvmze30azfa2d6/PbrSaveData2/file
  2. My sav is in Spanish, If You Can Do the Whole Process Thanks, Here Is My PbrSaveData And My Platinum SAV. PBRSaveData http://www.mediafire.com/file/kqyvub8bh03nzl1/PbrSaveData/file Pokemon platinum.sav
  3. 'Cause I Have Two SavesData. The First Say This: Attempted to load an unsupported file/size. This could be cause by loading a different generation Pokemon file on an unsupported generation on your file is corrupt. File Size: 3670016 bytes 3670016 bytes (0x380000) And The Second Say: Input file is too large. File Size: 2854300 bytes. And As I Saw In A YouTube Video, That Version Does Works.
  4. I Need That Version For Edit My SaveData Of Pokemon Battle Revolution. Please the Version 20181202, I found a compiled version but it didn't compile and I don't want to continue downloading more stuff. put a download link that does work.
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