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  1. Five years, huh. So... does AR Code Manager not work on your computer? Or are you using a Mac? Did you test the code yet?
  2. Hope you like them. Also, I forgot to mention before, thanks for making them as .pkm files and posting those. You wouldn't believe how much faster it is when people post files they need.
  3. I'm in CST, and my times are about 6 PM to 6 AM. I'm a night owl, you know? Since you're online right now, how about... now? So we don't need to schedule something.
  4. It's a free service, but hey, if you want to do something special, go ahead. But I'm not expecting anything good, no.
  5. Yep... fixed. Tell me whenever you're ready to trade.
  6. You're sure you're typing these correctly? I've typed a lot of codes manually before, and seriously, one tiny mistake ruins the whole code. I mean, yeah, you can tell Altaria was hacked, but it's not that awful... Tell me if it works.
  7. Aw, that sucks. Thanks very much for confirming that you can't make them shorter, though.
  8. Nope, you requested it at Lv. 100, so it won't lower unless you throw it in the PC.
  9. Here's that code, RASN. Thanks for taking a look at it. red707, this party code has all the stats exactly as you stated. The PC code isn't going to have higher stats unless I use illegal EV combos.
  10. Actually, the code that's all zeros is just a blank slot, it's not a Pokemon. Could you possibly make a code for a party Pokemon shorter? I don't know if it's possible, but you know a lot more about codes than me.
  11. Result time. Your SID is 48848.
  12. Try this one. Since it's in the PC, stats might be off, again. Platinum, select, and box 15, slot 1. And to stupido... I'm about to export those, so they should be ready soon. EDITY EDIT: By the way, did you know your Drifblim has no ability?
  13. If you're still on, I'm in the wifi room.
  14. In PokeSav, hex must be entered manually. So if that's how you made them, yup, they're illegal. PokeGen automatically enters them for you... might want to give it a spin, eh?
  15. I can find it for you. My FC is in my sig, just say when you're ready.
  16. Sure, tomorrow. If you're on, we could trade right now... it says you're on. And nice, that'll be neat to have.
  17. I can pretty much get on any day until school comes around... I'm in Oklahoma. So 7 PM or AM? I can do PM, but I'm not an early bird so morning times are bad for me.
  18. You always have to fill in a location... so there's the problem.
  19. All right. It's on my game, ready to trade. Tell me whenever you're online.
  20. PokeSav is messed up in the way that 'hatched at' is actually where you got the egg, and 'met at' is where it was hatched. You have the hex right, it's just those things that went wrong. 44h-45h: 00 00 46h-47h: DC 00 85h: 05 86h: 04 Mystery Zone, huh? Did you put Farawayplace as the location? The only time I've gotten that is back when I didn't know about Farawayplace being needed in some cases...
  21. I just checked a Pineco I caught in Ilex Forest, and its 85h is 05... for caves? I guess forests classify as caves. 05 should be the same for Viridian, they're both forests. It's just DayCareCouple. Just like Platinum, the 44h and 45h would be D0 and 07, respectively. Farawayplace is only for locations not in D/P. I got confused reading the last part, can't really say anything there. Sorry. Hatched Pokemon shouldn't use PID/IV generator. The random generator is what they need. Embedded Tower Kyogre/Groudon have 05 as their 85h. Hall of Origin Arceus is also 05. Some legends can be confusing... Lugia is caught in water that's inside a cave, but its 85h is 07, for water. Really, that's the only sort of time where I'd say it's complicated, even then not so much.
  22. If you got it yourself, it's not hacked... the program just isn't updated. But yeah, Legal's gonna think it's hacked, even if it's not, until the next version.
  23. Yep, the stats will go down... if you used the party code. There's no way an Altaria's getting 510 attack. And yeah, I'll try and find one that works... it'd be easy if I could trade it to you, since I'll be editing the .sav directly and there's no chance of a bad egg. I don't know if I can make a code that's not a bad egg for this Altaria, it's pretty, uh, hacked up. And to shad99, do you want that to have the legal limits for EVs, or just 255 in everything?
  24. Sorry, red, but even if I didn't enter anything at all into Sav the code would still be as long as the one I gave you, just a bunch of zeros... Tried anyway, I made two codes. One is for your party, the other for the PC. They're both for Platinum, L + R. The party code. This one does have the stats you wanted, exactly. Party slot 1. Eh, also, don't level it up or its stats will subtract a lot. And this is for your PC, but it does not have the stats you wanted. Again, the PC regulates stats... actually, the stats are as high as I could get them, in the order of HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spd: 250/184/196/151/217/182. The stats are sort of close to the 200's you wanted, but the attack... is not. But this code is shorter. Box 15, slot 1. I know you hate typing these things out by hand (I had to type out 30+ of both Pokemon and .pgt codes before I got my Windows, I hated it, too), but I have no clue how to make them shorter... Show the codes to Riolu Aura Sphere Now and maybe he could work something out.
  25. It doesn't use any of those... the IVs and nature aren't related (or so I've heard) to the PID.
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