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  1. It looks pretty good. I didn't see any mistakes.
  2. As soon as you get the OT fixed, it should get rid of "Apparently". Try hitting backspace a few times for the OT. That should let you enter your own name. As a little note, PokeGen can make Pokemon much easier than Pokesav (puts the hex for you, no OT issues, etc.), so that would be a good thing to switch to if you're not liking how long it takes on Sav.
  3. No problem, I can wait. Take your time.
  4. My FC is 4426 1621 2099. All right, I'll see you in.
  5. Then I'm not sure what the prob here is... hmm, do you have a file of a Pokemon captured/hatched directly off your game that you can post here? If you do, then you could post that and your edited files up for comparison. I could get the file for you through a trade if you don't have the file, if you'd like to test this method out.
  6. I know the game checks for the original trainer, trainer's gender, ID, and SID. So you must've messed up in there. Are you sure the SID is correct? There was someone else with this problem before, and in the end, even though they said again and again that the SID was correct, that was the problem. You didn't use Smogon's programs to find your SID, right? That's how they messed up... the program's not the most accurate thing out there. There's no reason that comes to mind for it to say 'Apparently met' if all of those things match.
  7. Met at Place: Farawayplace (Route 34's hex: 46h - B6, 47h - 00.) Egg Hatched At: Day-Care Couple (Hex: 44h - D0, 45h - 07.) A hex guide can be located right here.
  8. Arithmetic? No way would I be finding SID's for others if that was the case. They trade you a Pokemon, you extract the .sav file, then you view that Pokemon in Pokesav, PokeGen, whatever you're using. Takes less than a minute, really.
  9. Only if it was caught. If it was hatched, you could just generate a PID, no relations to anything involved.
  10. Legal.exe doesn't check the hex values, last I checked. Trash bytes, PID, EVs... it checks things like that. As for the hex itself, no, this is a Diamond Abra. D/P don't use 44h-47h like Plat, it only uses 85h. So this file is perfectly fine.
  11. PID problem, yes. It was captured in the wild, so the PID must match. This PID doesn't, therefore... hacked. In this case it should be Type 1, but as you can see the PID isn't listed for that.
  12. Another question. When I load a Japanese Pokemon in, the nickname turns into all these different values, which I'm assuming are the trash bytes. If I were to export that Pokemon's code, would the name display in Japanese, or that wacky stuff?
  13. @ shh631: Yeah, that's what I needed. Now I can get to work on that. @ alucard_thirteen: Going to do that soon, since you're asking for an easy AR code. Celebi won't be legal, by the way. @ Riolu Aura Sphere Now: By max EVs, do you mean 255 in each stat, or 85?
  14. Here you go, your SID is 64454.
  15. I'm in, but I don't see you.
  16. Yeah, use my Jap. SS FC. I'll need your FC, too.
  17. I could do this for you, just tell me when you want to.
  18. Right, so I just got a ton of the requested Pokemon on my game. The following people should be getting messages stating their request's completion: DBZBladezbooster, James007, SteelSlaughter111, hockeyguy605, A-man. A total of... 15 or so Pokemon. Anyone else, I have not yet completed yours. @ Lootje: I can't make it look like it came directly off your game because you didn't fill in the SID, but I'll make that soon. @ bizzle: Going to get that next~ @ shh631: One more thing, male or female OT? @ Mikal: Also one more thing. You didn't specify the location met and such... "default" could mean many things. Please specify. And if I missed anyone, apologies. I would appreciate it if you reminded my of your request, if that's the case with you.
  19. Well, for items like the Azure Flute, if someone has one, you know it's been hacked since it hasn't come out yet officially. As for any old item, I can't think of any way to prove an item's been hacked or not.
  20. Ahh, yes. I have two of those ancient types that I use regularly, and the ARDSi works perfectly with them.
  21. You can fix it through that method if the Pokemon is hatched. I'm not sure about Pal Park Pokemon, though. If you're talking about Pal Park Pokemon, you can go ahead and try that, but I'd suggest running them through the Normalizer. It's not necessary, but the legality checker doesn't check everything... I think it doesn't check trash bytes. Hacked, because Mismagius can't learn Nasty Plot unless it was bred from HG/SS, not Diamond.
  22. Wow. Lots of replies here. @ SteelSlaughter111: All right, that's better. I'll get to making that now. @ DBZBladezbooster: Coming up~ @ James007: That makes more sense. I'll get those made for you in a few. @ shh631: That works, I'll get to making them in a little bit.
  23. Heh, I haven't been looking back at old posts, so it helps to repost them so I know you didn't get your request filled. So, is there a specific OT you want for those, or does it matter?
  24. @ AvengingTheKnight: Great, you're very welcome. Any time you need a code, you know where to go. @ Mikal: All right, I can do that. Well, not today, definitely. I'm a bit busy with other requests... But for tomorrow, I'll be gone quite a while for a concert. I'll be back around 11 PM, CST, so I'm not sure if we can trade, unless you'll be around that time.
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