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  1. Event PID types for Gen IV aren't listed in PID/IV generator. I don't know how to make them from scratch, either, maybe a moderator does. As for saying that it's hacked, Legal.exe hasn't been updated for a long time.
  2. A shiny Celebi for PBR? I've never tried a shiny event on PBR, but you could try this. Since I honestly don't know what PBR checks for, I had to make this an Ageto Celebi, it's the one with an unknown PID generation method... easy to make, eh. L + R, box 2, slot 1. Diamond. Pearl. If it doesn't work, my best bet would be to wait for the Movie 13 Celebi to come out (this week?) and use that. I can make a sure-fire good one then, but it won't be shiny...
  3. Right, so I tried to get them as high as possible. You could probably find a code to max some stats out. Plat, L + R, it'll show up in your PC, box 1, slot 1. It's actually maybe 13 lines or so shorter than the one I gave you... but the stats are really off, though. Maybe you could trade a copy of the Scizor you got to your friend?
  4. For spoilers, use these tags: [noparse] [/noparse]. Text goes in between them. Shorter? Hate to say it but the only way that I know to shorten it is to put it in the PC, but I'm pretty sure its stats won't be the same... do you want me to go ahead with that?
  5. If you still need the Wonder Card and that stuff, here it is... it was on the site, actually, not sure how you missed it.
  6. I'd love to make that code for you, but the trainer name is too long and the SID can't be over 65535. And a thing to note, the stats will revert to normal once you put it into your PC... Scizor can't get all those stats other than HP, I'm estimating, normally. Those are crazy high yo. I'm thinking the code would have to be for your party... being in the PC normalizes stats, right? So the code's going to have to be long. I took a guess at what changes you'd like... I changed the OT to "master" and the SID to 59432. Tell me if you needed something else. It's for Plat, L + R, party slot 1. Don't put it in your PC. By the way, remember to put requests in spoilers.
  7. It needs to be run through the trash byte normalizer... and you should try and get its PID type to be Common NDS/GBA (Type 1). That's what it should be. Everything else looks fine.
  8. That's normal. You ever notice how there's never any events that have Pearl as their region? I'm thinking Diamond is default or something... kind of like HG/SS events saying Heart Gold. I have no clue why it does that, but that's how it goes. I guess the hex started getting thrown in when Plat came around.
  9. I would think that if something did happen from the glitches and stuff, the Pokemon would've been deleted... I've had that happen, but not through cloning. Actually, now that I think about it... if the cloning method glitched up, the Charizard might look odd on Emerald, yes, but once it's Pal Parked, there really shouldn't have been any visible flaws. It would just say Hoenn, Arrived at yada yada. Just another fishy bit to add to the evidence, I guess. It seems like you're pretty bent on the trust issue. Coming from a neutral person, I'd say they're not telling the truth about how they got it... just taking it from the facts given, really. This wouldn't be the first time someone gained someone's trust and tossed it aside in history, ya know~ That's up to you whether you think they messed with you or not, but either way that Zard's status is hacked, haha... badly at that. I'd release it. This is all I can really say for now.
  10. No problem. Cloned through the GTS or Emerald Battle Tower, I'm guessing? I've honestly never heard of a Pokemon getting corrupted by trading/cloning, or even just randomly getting corrupted for that matter. Unless they used an AR... or hacked it? Now that I actually look at it, it's missing a country, too... does your friend know how to RNG? Otherwise, seeing as the IVs are so high, that makes it seem even more unbelievable.
  11. Nah, Riolu, you must be thinking the Footprint Ribbon. Anyway, I thought hatching reset all EVs?
  12. 45h doesn't need to be messed with (44h and 45h are for eggs), what you said goes there should go in 85h... which relates to the location captured, so yeah, 05 in there. It also needs to be in a Pokeball... HG/SS balls are in Pokeballs, the 86h is for telling the game what ball to turn it into, in this case, Heavy is 14. And that's all I can think of regarding legality. If you post the file we can take a closer look at it. But for the communication error thing, it wouldn't freeze up even if had a terribly hacked Pokemon with you, I know, I've done it before. Maybe if you're doing it with the AR plugged in, you might want to try to do it without... but that's never happened to me. Hacked Pokemon have nothing to do with it, really.
  13. It throws any random one at you, not always a legal one. It's intended for hatched Pokemon, since their PIDs are pretty random.
  14. None of them are hatched Pokemon, so their PIDs need to match with the ones given in PID/IV. That's the problem... none of them match. Evolving doesn't really have anything to do with it.
  15. It is possible, that's what the guy was asking for. A lot of people use that method... me included. The only ways I know to find your SID is through AR, PokeSav/Gen, or by catching a random shiny (inclined to think that it's not very reliable).
  16. They're both captured Pokemon, so their PIDs need to be Type 1 from the PID/IV button. From what I can tell they don't. I didn't really look at anything else, but that'll fix the prob.
  17. Nope, Legality Checker hasn't been updated since... February? You'll just have to look at it yourself for the correct PID, SID, hex, etc.
  18. Yeah, I'm thinking that has something to do with it... If you're not willing to present the file, could you maybe tell what its summary page says? With the nature and stuff? That may help some with this date thing. EDIT: All right, I'm finished looking at the file. Just like I thought... the date was a result of the problem. It's hacked. Pal Parked Pokemon should have "(Pal Park)" in "Met in", and arriving at Lv. 0 is a no-no. Egg hatched should be blank... The Trash Bytes look wrong, too. Looks like your friend pulled a bad one on you, eh?
  19. Huh... yeah, then from the information given I can't see anything hacked about it. Although one thing seems kind of odd to me, is that Legality is displaying the dates the egg was received and hatched. If the Pokemon was Pal Parked, then that shouldn't be there... the only reason it would be is that it's from a DS game.
  20. Well, Nintendo does have some flaws with their hack-check system, no doubt about it. An example being that a large amount of people in the recent Video Game Championships had their game marked as hacked when it shouldn't have been... the reason being that the hack-checking system didn't include the WORLD09 Weavile as legit (flagged as hacked because it had an egg move and wasn't hatched, as well as had moves it had to level up more for... stupid, right). Are you positive that it's the Charizard's fault? It might be another Pokemon... as another user above stated, posting the file might help so that we could look at other attributes like hex, locations, etc.
  21. Did the Charizard evolve after migration or was it migrated as a Charizard? The evolving-to-invalid thing only applies to evolving after migration... if it came as a Charizard, then— From what I understand, anything that's migrated that's not Japanese or English has invalid trash bytes on the Legality Checker. French and all those other languages never had their bytes put into the program, I can't recall why... not enough samples to look at, I guess. So that Charizard is probably completely fine. Sorry if this has nothing to do with what you're needing, just thought I'd point that out.
  22. If you're still needing help with this, I could check them for you. Just let me know.
  23. You mean the .pkm file, right? If so I have one. I'm pretty sure it's UT, but if it's not, tell me and I'll find another one.
  24. Sorry, I worded it a bit... badly. My fault. Though, random, he says it's an egg. And he's going to hatch it in-game. So there should be no Farawayplace yet, thus no hex for it, either. He only needs Day-Care Couple and the hex for that. Forgot to mention, for the Pokemon's name, it should be "Egg", no nick checked.
  25. Maybe you'd like a sample of an egg extracted from the game? For comparison. I've attached a file from my game so you can try and get yours to look similar. Are you putting where the egg was obtained in "Egg Hatched" or "Met at Level"? The only reason I can think of for "Met at Lv. 0 in Celadon City" is that you put it in the wrong place. Delibird Egg - Sample.pkm
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