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  1. It already does, just use the deposit feature when you're using the gts on the ds and HyperGTS stores it. Be sure to choose reject pokémon though, it saves a lot of hassle.
  2. Same thing happened to me, but got fixed when I switched to GTS_Nuker instead. You've got to make an exception in your firewall though, and perhaps open some ports on your router, but in the end it worked...
  3. I would recommend setting you router to b and g, as it seems that the DS operates on the b band, but modern computers operate on g.
  4. And that is bad how? I love to be able to check the IV's of my Pokémon, without having to hack my rom.
  5. Could someone help me with this? I have no shiny that I haven't trained, so I was wondering if I could do this the "I send you one of mine and you use your means" to find the SID best regards, Tritlo
  6. I was wondering, would there be anyway of receiving a deposited pokémon, and save it as a .pkm file? This would come in handy when trying to figure out ones SID, as you'd simply look it up!
  7. I'm gonna try to figure out the Wonder Card problem. Now, when the gameboy connects to the WFC, trying to get a mystery gift, it contacts a server called dls1.nintendowifi.net. First it goes through nintendo's NAS, and verifies that the connectee is indeed a DS. We need to reroute the dls1.nintendowifi.net using the dns server script (Shouldn't be a problem, just a small change in the code frome gamestat2 to dls1) and make a script to broadcast wondercard info.
  8. I experienced, when i connected with my SoulSilver and got an event pokémon, that I was not booted from the server. I could access the normal GTS menu, but without anyother trainers. I was using the GTS_Nuke combo for only myself.
  9. Hmm, I guess in english it is the ma from magnificent, an the tthi would be something like how you say tin. So, MaTi.
  10. I'm a Pokémon player from Iceland. My name is Matthi, and I've been playing pokémon ever since I got Pokémon blue in the good old days. I just got SoulSilver and playing it brings back fond memories of the Silver version! I hope I'll get to know some of you and hopefully some can help me getting the event exclusive Pokémon (We have none of these events here in Iceland ). Yours truly, Matthías Páll Gissurarson, 18 year old student of Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík, Iceland
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