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  1. Actually, change of plan; I've ordered Action Replay DS off Amazon (the flash karts were either too hard to find or too expensive), so I won't be needing a trade after all.
  2. Pearl, he said. The fact that he included Fly and Defog shows that he doesn't care about legality.
  3. Sorry, there's no code for that. However, you can do it yourself with Pokesav: a .pkm file for all Pokemon can be found [here], they only need to be loaded into your box.
  4. Umm... sorry? It doesn't matter what game is used for when its a WiFi trade... right?
  5. Trade with someone who can back-up their savegame. Well alright, there's probably an AR code to show it. But that's not as fun.
  6. What it says on the tin. ...err, title. I have 6 pre-made .pkm files that I need to have traded over, preferrably sometime soon. My friend code is in my sig, and the .pkm files... [Download Link (.zip)] Although I get the odd feeling that my request would be more likely fulfilled had I asked the Pokemon be made as well, instead of doing it myself...
  7. Making the code would be the easy part, but I don't think there's anyone around lately that're able to trade via WiFi. Especially for Platinum-only Origin Forme.
  8. Red Gyrados. Other than him, I never have. Sniff. Aside from other trainers, of course. I'm fighting a shiny Tyranitar in PBR right now.
  9. Oh hey, you're back? Awesome! And, uh, hope the whole family thing works out for the best...
  10. No. There's no bonus in odds at all for if either parent is shiny. END THREAD HERE
  11. You need either some sort of save backup utility or ActionReplay or, if you have a DSi, an SD Card.
  12. For The Win. Yeah... doesn't make much more sense when you do know what it means either!
  13. Spoiler tags are simple: [noparse] [/noparse]
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