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  1. First off oh sh** I didn't realise that the section got this BIG. Next I apologise that I haven't been "Online" this is due to the problem I have been dealing with My PC and family problems (That I can't not say). So yeah I am behind so much and I am sorry for my customers that have waited and waited. I will try my best right now for the next 2 hours (right now) to get all of these done. Then I will contact you with your Pokes.. Thanks.
  2. Sure thing I will take a look at this for you. I will then complete this for you and then get back to you later on. Thanks.
  3. I may ask you to help out, tell me when you are fully learned how to make them legal and then maybe I will consider allowing you to help out.
  4. Oh noes the chief is in town becareful people don't rule brea. Nice introduction and thanks for a nice forum .
  5. Sure you would be a great helper to the section. You can just make the savs/pkm files and then send them to me over MSN if you want. If you want also you can help make the AR codes? Edit You have been added to the team section.
  6. Gengar's Pokésav Request Section. My Information:- Diamond FC - 5284 7580 0009 (This is the FC that you will need to add) Welcome to Gengar's Pokésav request, this section will be used to allow user's of this forum to request for Pokémon on P/D/Pt. I will be doing this in the Pokésav way in which I did previosuly back at the Pokésav forum. This will include you the user filling out the information that is below:- Once I've completed you're requests I will do my best to contact you ASAP to let you know that I've finished your requests. I will more likely send you a PM stating that I have. If you are able to leave your MSN or any other form of contact then this would certainly help because then the requests can be done faster and you recieve your Pokémon(s) a lot faster too. Previously I didn't accept AR code requests, but I think it's only fair that I actually do this now because users were before asking for AR codes. So this time around I will be accepting AR code requests. Rules 1. Please only ask up to SIX different Pokémon at a time. 2. Please don't double post asking the same request. 3. Please don't complain to me if I am not able to complete your Pokésav requests straight away. I will work as fast as I can. 4. If I not active and you are concerned about your requests, either PM over this forum, or contact me MSN - jordan-ross06@hotmail.com More rules will be added at a later date. Team This time I am willing to allow people to help in my section, this will only happen if I agree to this person to help out. At this current stage I am wanting maybe one or two other people to help out this section because then this will be a very sucessful topic. If I would like to help out here, please PM me and I will consider you been a helper. Thanks. Gengar Edit:- More information will be updated when it needs to be.
  7. Nice guide you got there, this should help people understand the normal rules of Wi-Fi battling a lot more. Great Job.
  8. Hello there guys, so I hear and see that the Pokésav forum has changed to a new URL. I hope to see people been active still as there were on the Pokésav forum. If people don't know me, I am GengarFTW but I decided to keep the name short to Gengar. Due to the recent amount of work I have been thrown by college I am happy to say that I am up to date as we speak and hopefully I will start a fresh topic for Pokésav requests and maybe will ask people to help out because then I won't be the only person to actually do the work myself. I hope for a brand new start here and hope everything here goes well and the forum goes great. So thanks again for reading. Thanks Gengar.
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