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  1. ok i figured out what was wrong with it, well kind of. i reset the hardware from the code manager and i had to pull the game out a little so it could read it.
  2. i just tried that and nothing. still the same error.
  3. My DSi, the game is SoulSilver and it just says make sure your GAME CARTRIDGE is in.
  4. I just got mi ARDSi today and it won't start the game even though its in the slot. idk what to do. any ideas?
  5. If they added the GS ball again, that would be awesome, but if it going to be a japanese Nintendo Zone event, then just screw it.
  6. no. you have to use an action replay or something like that that includes a .sav backup/extractor.
  7. lol. It looks like a Shadow Primal Dialga! That's pretty cool!
  8. wow. i can't wait to try this out! this is just too awesome.
  9. they could but idk how long it takes to make a ???? Arceus.
  10. adamant natured moves: ice punch, hydro pump, dragon dance, aqua tail if you have one, pm me. thank you in advance.
  11. is it possible to even make the ??? Arceus on PokeSav for D/P or PokeSav for Plat?
  12. thanks a lot. i would do it myself but i can't install japanese on my computer cause i don't have the disc to do it from
  13. cause i want to have one to use and battle with that doesn't crash my platinum game cause i have no way to back up the save game
  14. yeah. i've been ocupied w/ summer school. its for platinum. thanks EDIT: sorry for taking so long to respond. i haven't been able to get to a computer till now
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