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  1. I need a AR code for 2 level 1 bidoof. One knows hm's cut,fly,surf, and strength. The other one knows hms Defog, rock smash, rock climb, and waterfall. Pokemon pearl, I'm doing a starter-only runthrough of the game, so I need hm slaves. Oh, and they have 1 hp, and minum defence and special defense.
  2. Dialga looks the coolest, IMO.
  3. I freaked out when this was posted on the forums I main on.
  4. In all pokemon games, I usually just press the A button as the ball hits the pokemon, and each tme it shakes. Force of habbit, I guess.
  5. I'll take a munchlax egg in box 18, slot 1. If possible, 1 step left untill it hatches. And, holding leftovers.
  6. I'm proably torterra. Slow, but powerfull.
  7. I've been trying for along time on google, and the download from the site makes NO SENCE. Anyone have the AR code? (pokemon diamond)
  8. HOw are you supposed to get that onto your DS?
  9. For pokemon diamond. The other ways to get them dont seem to work.
  10. I was only a magickarp on the old forum >_> Anyways, I wonder what the ranks are?
  11. Shoot, I needed it there for the cyrus boss. Anyways, it was pokemon platnium.
  12. Can I make it so the pokemon that is on the bottom left space of my party is a level 50 Steelix that knows Rollout, Rock Blast, Rock climb, and Rock blast. I dont care about anything else.
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