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  1. Interested in these two, trade. if any one can do um please reply back. Thanks. =D Would also be awsome if someone could help me out with finding my SID, but that's a whole nother request so no worries really. Thank you. ^__^ pokemon: Claydoll Held Item: Light Ball Level: 30 Ability: Levitate Nickname (If wanted): Doll Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT):Plen Trainer ID (If specific): 16417 Secret ID (If specific): Shiny (Yes or No): no Egg (Yes or No): yes Nature: Relaxed Attacks: Earthquake, Reflect, Rest, Rapidspin. PP (max or normal): max Pokérus Status: /No Status Pokéball Captured In: pokeball Battle Stats: ?? EV Stats: 236 hp, 136 atk, 108 defence, 30specialdefence IV Stats: 31 hp, 30 atk, 30 defence, 30 specialdefence Ribbons (If any): none Location/Date Met: egg Level Met At: egg Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): solaceon town september 21, 2009 Happiness: max Contest Stats: none Party slot 1-6 or Storage box 1-18, slot 1-30 (required for AR code): For what game (required for AR code): D/P or Platinum Friend Code (required for Trading): 2750 9224 8669 FEMALE PLEASE! I already have a fully ev male, i just have always wanted a female. pokemon: Togekiss Held Item: Leftovers Level: 30 Ability: Serene Grace Nickname (If wanted): Flonne Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): Plen Trainer ID (If specific): 16417 Secret ID (If specific): Shiny (Yes or No): no Egg (Yes or No): yes Nature: Calm Attacks: Thunder Wave, Roost, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, PP (max or normal): Pokérus Status: Infected/Cured/No Status Pokéball Captured In: Battle Stats: EV Stats: 252 hp, 4 sp atk, 252 spdefence IV Stats: 31 hp 31 spdefence, 30 spatk Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met: Level Met At: Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Solaceon Town september 21 2009 Happiness: max Contest Stats: none Party slot 1-6 or Storage box 1-18, slot 1-30 (required for AR code): For what game (required for AR code): D/P or Platinum Friend Code (required for Trading): 2750 9224 8669
  2. Will it be released Pokesav for Platinum support Pal Park?
  3. Pokemon Species: Clamperl Ability: Shell Armor Shiny: No Egg: Yes Nature: Quiet Pokérus Status: Cured Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball IV Stats: 30 HP / 30 ATK / 30 DEF / 31 S.ATK / 31 S.DEF / 2 SPE Location/Date Received: Day Care Couple, September 28th 2009 Friend Code: 1762-8572-4721 85th HEX Value: 00 From Pearl. Hop to it! :bidoof:
  4. On behalf of the Mod/Admins... we won! Yes, it is a forum game. Members must come together and try to get a record by posting! Every time a member posts, that is 1 point. If a moderator/admin posts, then the count shall go back to 0. Then members must start over the count! Other conversation while counting up is welcome. Just keep track of the count, easy enough, right? RULE UPDATE; I was thinking about this, so... If 2 or more admins post at once, the number will go from 0 to -10, and so on if they keep it up. So, say 5 admins post at once. That is -40, because 0 > -10 > -20 > -30 > -40. They can only do that if they post consecutively, but if a normal member intervines, it stops. However, if mods/admins restart posting at the same time, the same thing will hold true. RULE UPDATE #2; Well, since this confuses me also... If an admin/mod posts while we so happenly are in the negative, then that is -1 for theirs, they count down. However, if they still post consecutively, then that very well shall be -10 instead. But, remember, if we are in the positive and an admin/mod posts once, then that is back to 0. IF they post at the same time, then that is 0 to -10.
  5. Okay, I have Pokésav, I just extremely fail at making legal Pokémon. I'm in need of a Slaking and a Magnezone, but neither are there in the list of pkmn files, is there any way someone could make me legal ones? I can edit the rest from there. Thanks~
  6. I'm just looking for an AR code for a Dusknoir. I'd like for it to be: -Infected with PokeRus -Shiny -Adamant nature -Nicknamed "Dusknoir", just so I can change it later myself. -Level 15 -Caught in a Dusk Ball -Box18 Slot1 or 1st slot in party for Platinum version Other details such as EV and IV stats can just be normal. Sorry I didn't request this in another thread, but I wasn't sure if it fit. Thanks to anyone who makes it
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