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  1. So I'm safe to just restart my game? My game won't show up as bad in hack detectors?
  2. Hello. I have decided to not use actionreplay anymore and start from the beginning. In order to do this, do I have to buy a whole new game that has never been exposed to action replay or can i just restart my current pokemon white file entirely. Also will I have to get a new ds? Sorry if these questions are basic, I couldn't find any answers on google. Thanks.
  3. Are pokemon that come from the english patched version of Black/White considered legit and will they pass a hack checker?
  4. Just a few simple questions... 1. Will the name-change AR code make the pokemon considered hacked? 2. Will the pokemon show up as unlegit on the hack checker if I change it's name using an AR code? 3. If I use my AR to check IVs, is my game now considered hacked? Will it show up as hacked in a hack checker? 4. Are pokemon that come from a flash cart considered unlegit or hacked even if they are generated naturally? (Caught in the wild, bred naturally, ect.) 5. Are pokemon that come from the english patched version of Black/White considered legit and will they pass a hack checker? Thanks. If you need clarity, please don't hesitate to ask.
  5. So if I were to enter a competitive tournament, could people ban me for using this hack?
  6. Do they pass ALL legit checkers? How does the code work? Is it considered cheating? Does it affect the pokemon in ANY way?
  7. Would pokemon generated by the Instant Egg code and then Hatched by the instant hatch code pass the VGC hack checker? Same with regular hack checkers. Thanks, Cobalt
  8. Will the babies of two hacked pokemon show up as "hacked" on any legit checkers? I heard some people who sav'd at the VGC said they were disqualified because they used the babies of hacked pokemon. Thanks, Bulba
  9. Thank you. That's a pretty long code. o_o Do I activate it using L+R?
  10. I can't seem to find any codes to get shards... If someone could tell me, I would appreciate it.
  11. Is crossover a free program? Thanks for the information, btw.
  12. Hello Everyone. I was wondering if there was currently a version of Pokesav for the Mac OS X, or if there is a version in development. Thanks. -Cobalt.
  13. Maybe actually James should have the Tangrowth... His team is laughable right now, and Jesse completely over powers him.
  14. My first pokemon was squirtle. Now I choose Bulbasaur, mainly because I like him better.
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