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  1. Not that many will care, but I'm posting to say that I've given up on Pokemon altogether. That includes this project and any future games. I've found someone that means a lot more to me than cartoon animal battles... it's been fun, Pokemon. A good 15 years! But that's plenty long enough. Time to grow up, now. Time to follow Him.
  2. I always thought Solosis & family looked kinda like Poison-types.
  3. It's not time to explain my criteria yet. My versions have a lot more to do with dreams vs. reality, now. In some respects, I've done some things to clean up some logical incongruities that have plagued Pokemon for a long time. In other ways, the concept of "dreams as a concrete reality" has come to the forefront. Not only dreams vs. reality, but even bad dreams vs. good dreams. Somewhere in all this, a difference between B2 and W2 will emerge... though I haven't nailed it down quite yet. But yes, some Pokemon simply don't belong in my world. On a slightly unrelated note, some *new* attacks include: Nerve Gas, Knock-Out, Acid Claw, Crystal Ray, Biohazard, Epiphany, and some others.
  4. I'm not taking them out of the code, I'm just making them totally absent. No, totally replacing them would be an immense amount of work. This is like... you know, like trying to get a legit Celebi in Gen 5? It just doesn't happen. Technically you could still trade yourself a Diglett, but that's it. I've no interest in them being in my game at all. If I was going to even attempt to put some kind of replacement, I'd definitely just use one of the Pokestar monsters. Messing with Sprite animations and cries and ugh... I'd have to start with something already done up to a certain point.
  5. Hahaha, thanks, just the same. Seriously, though, dude... did you PM everyone about this lol?
  6. Something I've decided lately is that this project won't feature all 649 Pokemon. Most of them, yes, but there are some of them that I think don't fit into the world I envision. There are a lot of hacks that feature all 649 already, after all... but I think that I would rather cut a few especially annoying ones in order to give more prominence to others more deserving. Which Pokemon don't make the cut? I don't want to disclose my list just yet, as it isn't finalized, but two Pokemon I absolutely have no interest in having are Diglett and Dugtrio. Besides having THE least creative evolution in the entire game (Magneton gets a pass for at least changing shape), it's also half a Pokemon. That just irks me to no end. Drillbur & Excadrill are superior mole Pokemon concepts, anyway.
  7. Besides abilities, something that I often wonder about editing would be some of the more obscure, innate type attributes, such as: Fire type's immunity to Burn Poison & Steel type's immunity to Poison Are these coded into the status conditions themselves? If I wanted to make some types immune to certain status effects, what would it take? Some of the others would be tied to certain moves, I think, like Grass type's immunity to Leech Seed, and the Rock type's Special Defense boost in Sandstorm. On that subject... If we had a greater understanding of move effects, we could easily construct new types of attacks, or, in the case of Sandstorm's effects, perhaps make changes to certain weather effects... For instance, the relationship between weather and certain moves (Rain and Thunder/Hurricane, Sun and Solar Beam, Hail and Blizzard). What if we wanted to add new relationships, like, say, Sandstorm and Sand Tomb, or Sun and Heat Wave... are we limited to changes in accuracy? Are changes in power limited to Solar Beam-style effects? What if Hail or Sun effected stats of certain types? Would understanding the effects of Gravity or Trick Room and others like them help in understanding moves like Rain Dance, or are they totally unrelated? etc.
  8. Wow, that's... pretty different. Some of it sounds pretty cool. All of the Pokemon having the same stat total sounds interesting, if it's done well. Don't like your type chart, though. Yeah... seriously random.
  9. Tell us what kinds of changes you want to make. Tell us the idea behind your project. Is there anything unique or interesting about your project? Right now, only you know the answer to that question, and that is a big problem. I have a lot of things to do for my own project, you know.
  10. http://www.zophar.net/fileuploads/2/10581lbadh/gmg2hpgr2c.txt This is a good place to start. Lots of great general info. There are a lot of other sites, too, like... http://www.phcorner.net/threads/gbc-rom-hacking-tutorial-pokemon-s-g-pokemart-editing.678/
  11. There aren't tons of Gen 2 tools in the sense that every aspect you would want to change is available, rather, there are a lot of Gen 2 tools that do a lot of the same things. You're going to have to learn hex editing Gen 2 for a lot of things. Fortunately for you, Gen 2 is pretty easy to hex edit. Probably the easiest of all, in some ways, though the file system in Gen 4 & 5 gives it a run for its money. There are a LOT of FANTASTIC resources out there on the net, still, though, in the way of tutorials. Some of the info is a year or two old, but it's still relevant, of course. I really enjoyed editing Crystal, myself. It was a lot of fun, and it's easy to change a lot of stuff. The day & night features, the headbutt trees, etc. etc. just a lot of fun.
  12. It's not Aura Sphere. Aura Sphere is blue, for one thing, and for another... they already showed that attack in this video at 1:07. Not the same. At the beginning of the first attack in the Sylveon video, it seems to gather flaming energy. It also pops out little flames when the orb explodes. It could be Focus Blast... no other known move makes sense. Dang... didn't really want a Fighting-type Eevee, but... it does form a type triangle with Espeon & Umbreon... hmm
  13. This is slightly off topic, but wasn't there a thread here pointing out that some of the Cyrillic characters aren't in Pokemon at all? How would you go about adding in custom font to allow for these characters?
  14. Huzzah! Gotta try that one out this week
  15. Pokemon Abilities. Abilities have never been touched since Gen 3 hacks, I think. Not sure what would be entailed in doing that, but custom abilities would allow for a HUGE jump in Pokemon diversity. We can rename existing ones, but that's kind of cheesy and does not allow for effects like, say... "0.5x damage from [insert type]-type attacks" that we don't already have (Heatproof; Fire).
  16. Stealth Rock should, in theory, fall in step with any changes I make. Whether or not that will happen will become clear once I do some play testing, later on. Progress is coming along, little by little. I keep my files on a thumb drive so I can work at multiple computers. Heck of a lot cheaper than cloud software services. Still, at times I forget to update my thumb drive and a week will go by with only one day of progress. Even so, I'm always looking for things to improve. I'm not planning on posting all my ideas before the project is complete, however, or else there won't be any surprises! Suffice to say, most of my time has been spent making the Pokemon themselves feel like more fun to use. For instance, the Whismur, Loudred & Exploud family: Although they can learn a lot of tutor moves and TMs, the natural move pool for these guys is bordering on absurd -- absurdly horrible, that is. One aspect that sucks is that if you evolve Whismur, it learns attacks at an incredibly slow rate. Level 71 for Exploud to learn Hyper Voice? Yeah, I don't think so. I've rearranged their attacks so that they come at reasonable levels, and added some new ones to help it along, like Avalanche (which are famously started by loud noises in the mountains) and Hurricane (if there's one thing Exploud does well, it's using those big lungs of his). Or, for example, take Gyarados & Magikarp: If you're wanting to train a Gyarados, everyone who does so, by now, already knows to expect to carry Magikarp around like dead weight until Level 20. Well, I'm not going to change that aspect much. However, some things that disturbs me a bit about Gyarados are both it's tiny learn pool and the low levels that it gets all its attacks. Until you get Earthquake, for instance, you have Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, and Dragon Dance... and nothing else. Granted, that's almost good enough as it is with Gyarados' great typing, stats and ability, but it just feels so... anticlimactic. Expect Gyarados to learn almost double the number of attacks he currently does. Some examples include Crunch, Dragon Tail, Coil, Double-Edge, Searing Shot, etc. I also bumped up Gyarados' Special Attack a bit, like the old RBY days.
  17. I think Steel is 0.5x against Fire because, if you were to wear a suit of armor and grab a source of great heat, pretty soon you're gonna cook inside that suit of armor. Yes, offensively Steel isn't that great, but it does well as a neutral attack most of the time. On Pokemon who don't make good use of Steel STAB currently, like Empoleon, the defensive properties most than compensate for the useless STAB. Poison 1x against Steel I could see, both the sludge kind and the acid kind... the venom kind wouldn't make much sense, but ah well. I'm thinking of letting both Fighting and Electric be neutral against Steel. This would be fairest to Steel-types. Electric-weak Steels suddenly seem to crumble too easily. Fighting super-effective against Steel never made ANY sense at all. While a Karate guy can hit a Knight in armor a lot more often, that Knight isn't going to feel the effects of his blows as much, either.
  18. 3DS games usually have DLC, now. That new Fire Emblem game has tons of exclusive items and characters that can be downloaded. I'm willing to bet Pokemon XY will have at least a few DLC... might even be Pokemon themselves, like Pokemon Dream Radar
  19. I don't think you need lots of images and pretty pictures, so long as the tool works and can be understood. Of course, all your tools have been excellent, so I'm not worried about that.
  20. Oh yeah, I forgot about using maximum critical stage for huge base powers! I'll have to do that for Explosion & Self-destruct. And yeah, Marowak's getting spooky. Plus, it always bothered me that Bonemerang couldn't hit Flying-types, since boomerangs are designed to take out birds... Hmm... maybe it ought to have Smack Down's effect! Yeah, I like that. Edit: As far as ideas on types... these are ideas I have. I'm not saying these will 100% be in, but they're ideas I've toyed with since Gen 4. Electric 0.5x Rock Poison 0.5x Steel Fighting 1x Steel (maybe; has to go in tandem with...) Electric 2x Steel (maybe) Dragon 0.5x Ice Rock 1x Ice Flying 1x Grass Grass 1x Dragon Ground 1x Rock Net effect: Types that improve defensively: Ice, Rock, Grass Types that improve offensively: Grass, Poison Types that worsen defensively: Dragon, Steel Types that worsen offensively: Ground, Flying, Rock, Dragon, Electric, Fighting (except for Ice, Water, and Fire, all the best offensive types) Later, maybe I'll post some examples of what this would do to some notable Pokemon. I think you'll find that these changes are pretty good. I think a few of them could be dropped, though, like the Fighting and Electric changes to Steel. Also, I do have an idea of a way to change Draco Meteor, but I'm not sure I want to do it yet...
  21. YEEEEESSSSS. Something to consider: in pretty much all type charts, the defending type is expressed by vertical columns, and the attacking type by horizontal rows. You can switch that (like above), but if it were me, I'd rather have it like this: STILL, I'm psyched and really grateful for this function! Thank you!
  22. I'm okay with hax. It's a part of the game. The scope of my edit isn't to remove hax... there have been edits that have done that already, if I'm not mistaken. So, yes, you will find some 90% and 95% accurate attacks. I haven't gone through and massively changed all the attacks, though I have done many edits. I'll go ahead and post my current list of changes, since you brought it up Keep in mind: if you see an edit that is identical to BBVW or AShinyNGray, it's likely that I got the idea from them or just have a similar opinion. Regardless, they're going in the credits for this project, so don't fret. I also did a lot of unique ideas, so don't worry. Aspects changed will be in bold font. Former aspects will be in parenthesis. MOVE CHANGES Comet Punch - Type: Fighting (Normal), Power: 20 (18) Mega Punch - Type: Fighting (Normal) Pay Day - Type: Steel (Normal), PP: 40 (20) Razor Wind - Type: Flying (Normal) * Yes, this move still sucks. No, you can't take a two-turn attack and make it a one-turn attack, or the animation will suck. Cut - Type: Grass (Normal), Power: 60 (50) Whirlwind - Type: Flying (Normal) Mega Kick - Type: Fighting (Normal) Poison Sting - Power: 30 (15) Twin Needle - Power: 40x2 (25x2) Pin Missile - Power: 15 (14) Sonic Boom - Effect: Seismic Toss effect (Always does 20 damage) Bubble Beam - Effect: 30% chance of lowering Speed (10% chance) Aurora Beam - Type: Normal (Ice), Power: 70 (65), Effect: 30% chance of lowering Attack (10% chance) Drill Peck - Power: 90 (80), Effect: +1 critical stage (none) Strength - Power: 90 (80) Petal Dance - Accuracy: 90% (100%), Effect: Target all (like Earthquake), 30% chance to inflict confusion on targets, only attacks for 1 turn (Confuses user after 2-3 turns of attack) *This attack is vastly improved. In Double or Triple battles, try using it with Sap Sipper teammates! Dragon Rage - Effect: Seismic Toss effect (Always does 40 damage) Haze - Type: Poison (Ice) *Why would black smoke be Ice? Egg Bomb - Type: Fire (Normal), Accuracy: 80% (75%), Effect: Flame Burst effect (none) Lick - Type: Normal (Ghost) Bone Club - Type: Ghost (Ground) Bonemerang - Type: Ghost (Ground) Bone Rush - Type: Ghost (Ground) Clamp - Power: 70 (35) Skull Bash - Type: Fire (Normal) *Still crappy, but a lot more fun Poison Gas - Accuracy: 90% (80%), Effect: Targets entire field, like Trick Room (Targets all enemies) Barrage - Type: Psychic (Normal), Power: 25 (15) Explosion - Power: 255 (250) Sludge Bomb - Power: 95 (90) Iron Tail - Accuracy: 85% (75%) Metal Claw - Power: 60 (55) Arm Thrust - Power: 28 (15) *12.5% chance for 140 Power attack Feather Dance - Effect: Quiver Dance effect (Charm effect) Blaze Kick - Power: 95 (85) Needle Arm - Power: 80 (60) Poison Fang - Power: 65 (50), Effect: 100% chance to inflict Toxic poison (30% chance) Rock Tomb - Power: 55 (50) Shadow Punch - Power: 80 (60) Frenzy Plant - Category: Physical (Special), Effect: Eruption effect (Hyper Beam effect) Poison Tail - Power: 60 (50) Shock Wave - Power: 40 (60), Effect: +1 priority *Still can't miss Psycho Boost - Power: 70 (140), Effect: Facade effect (-2 Sp.Attack stages) Assurance - Power: 55 (50) Seed Bomb - Effect: Flame Burst effect (none) Trump Card - PP: 2 (5) Poison Jab - Power: 95 (80) Power Gem - PP: 15 (20), Power: 80 (70), Effect: 20% chance to lower Accuracy (none) Avalanche - Power: 85 (60/120), Accuracy: 90% (100%), Effect: Target all enemies in range (2-3), 10% chance to freeze, normal priority (-4 priority, Revenge effect) Shadow Claw - Power: 75 (70) Psycho Cut - Power: 80 (70) Flash Cannon - Power: 95 (80) Rock Wrecker - Effect: Superpower effect (Hyper Beam effect) Cross Poison - PP: 5 (20), Power: 100 (70) Gunk Shot - Accuracy: 85% (70%) Wring Out - Power: 120 (1-120), Accuracy: 90% (100%), Effect: none Crush Grip - Power: 120 (1-120), Accuracy: 90% (100%), Effect: none Magma Storm - Accuracy: 85% (75%) Venoshock - Power: 70 (65) Acid Spray - Power: 60 (40) Hex - Power: 55 (50) Sky Drop - Power: 90 (60) Struggle Bug - Power: 40 (30) Steamroller - PP: 10 (20), Power: 120 (65), Accuracy: 85% (100%) Night Daze - Power: 100 (85) Techno Blast - Power: 100 (85) Glaciate - Power: 100 (65) Psystrike - Power: 130 (100) Aeroblast - Power: 130 (100) Sacred Fire - Power: 130 (100) Rollout - Type: Ground (Rock) Rock Climb - Type: Rock (Normal), PP: 15 (20) Guillotine - Type: Steel (Normal), Power: 120 (none), Accuracy: 80% (30%+), Effect: +1 critical (OHKO) Drill Run - Power: 90 (80) Horn Drill - Type: Ground (Normal), Power: 70 (none), Accuracy: 100% (30%+), Effect: +1 critical (OHKO) *I made Drill Run more powerful than Horn Drill; Drill Run uses the entire body, while Horn Drill just uses the horn. Fissure - Power: 120 (none), Accuracy: 90% (30%+), Effect: 33% recoil (OHKO) Sheer Cold - Power: 10 (none), Accuracy: 100% (30%+), Effect: 30% chance to freeze (OHKO) *Oh yeah, baby. Stockpile - Effect: Cosmic Power effect Spit Up - Power: 100 (100-300), Effect: 10% chance to inflict poison Swallow - Effect: Recover effect Ancient Power - Power: 100 (60), Accuracy: 90% (100%) Keep in mind, I edited all the in-game move descriptions that needed changed, so while you're playing you won't necessarily have to check a guide; the game itself will tell you what's up. Just try to pay attention :bidoof:
  23. I'm just posting to say that, indeed, DSBuff is fantastic and so far has been working perfectly. I always thought CT2's decompression has issues since weird things happened sometimes, I'm just not experienced enough to know what exactly was wrong. So yeah. Use DSBuff.
  24. I got the English version to work correctly again, btw. It's been a while. I just didn't properly name the directory to delineate between the U and J version.
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