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  1. OxNite, it's great that you're finally ready to release the game and I'd be more than happy to help beta test the game. Eagerly waiting for this for a long time now! So excited! Good luck!
  2. Just to be clear, this can be used for saves dumped using browserhax?
  3. I'm wondering if this entire procedure is being done on clean ROMs or AP patched ones? EDIT: Nvm. Did it on an AP patched version and got as far as the summary freeze, so I know it's done in the AP patched versions. Now to iron out the mistakes. Also, I've found that if you want to make any other edits (eg: TM modding) to arm9.bin, you have to do it before you insert it in the insertion process. Otherwise you get some error saying that it's too small or something or other. Because of it I had to do re-insertion two different times. Guessing I did something wrong the second time cause it freezes at the summary now. And if I haven't said it before, THIS is AMAZING! Good job @MeroMero ! EDIT2: So, before I added in the Fairy-Type itself, I changed TM19 to Extrasensory. I had already changed its type to Fairy via hex and this is what shows in the bag: Yes, yes. It's Moonblast, replacing Extrasensory. It's also text editing. I even added Play Rough in place of Horn Attack: The thing is, as you can see, the type image isn't displayed. The summary freeze fix has been properly implemented over here, so I guess this is just one more thing to figure out. Just wanted to let you know that this is how it was.
  4. This is a brilliant hack! I eagerly await the day it is finished! :biggrin:
  5. Dray, I'd like your help if it's not a bother. How were you able to make it so that certain Pokemon could learn moves from the tutors? Eg: Teaching Serperior Draco Meteor, or, Outrage? Does it have something to do with the scripts for the individual tutors or is it some arm9 editing? Also, I'd like to ask if you would allow me to use your Volt White 2 as a ROM base for a new hack I'm working on. I'm trying to make a Fairy-type hack. A BIG thanks in advance for any help or insights you could offer! EDIT: Figured it out.
  6. Try this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?26663-Andi-Pok%E9mon-Black-amp-White-Tools Next time, search the forums beforehand, and then make a thread asking for what you're looking for, kay?
  7. Okay i am closing this thread, boom closed, mods close this thread please i sent a PM to i think Guested but there was no reply.
  8. Sorry that I can't get the link for you yet. But if you want I could upload it, the one without the legendary OW events and no changes to which TM's or HM's or move tutor moves a pokemon can learn. I am trying to get the OW events working but so far no luck, and thats why I am taking so long. Sorry. But if you want I could upload it. As to what changes, i'll upload documentation along with the patch for the hack. Just like Dray. You know he was the inspiration to all of this. So in this I would like to thank him a lot. THANKS DRAY!
  9. Let him rest. He goes to college. He's really busy. Let him REST. he provided you with the hack of the century. I know there are lots of bugs. But still, you have to admit, this hack is f***ing awesome! So please let him rest. We don't have all the time in the world to do this.
  10. I don't recieve any EXP. When I try to patch it on a AP patched rom it dont work. You know you can change the mugshot text and the text that appears when the battle starts.
  11. Thats black 2 and white 2 right? Do you know how to do black and white?
  12. When do ya think you'll be able to get the next releases ready? I can't wait for it! Your work is awesome by the way! The Personality Editor should make your status as a hacking god even more higher! Keep up the great work Andi! BTW I noticed a Leafia Pokemon Editor Tool part in your first post? Why is it empty? Won't you make it? Wait a minute?! The Personality Editor can edit the stats, am I right? WOW! I pray to god that you be successful in your work mi amigo!
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