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  1. THIS IS NOT A REMAKE OF RUBY, SAPPHIRE OR EMERALD AND NEVER WILL BE. IT IS JUST ANOTHER HACK WITH JUST ONE REGION POKEMON IN IT INSTEAD OF ALL REGIONS. This is my hack of Pokemon White Version that only includes pokemon from the Hoenn region. I call it Pokemon Hoenn White. In the game, everything has been edited. I have even changed the trainer battle music and plan to do more. This hack will be slightly harder than Pokemon White, and training in the grass will be essential. Thanks everyone. Be sure to visit my YouTube page: http://www.youtube.c...ser/KDrapion452 Why play?: I thought a one region pokemon hack would be interesting because there are so many all region hacks such as Blaze Black and volt White or Black and White Deluxe. This hack brings a fresh new experience to the game. ROM Information Hack of: Pokemon White Version (EUROPEAN) Name of Hack: Pokemon Hoenn White Version Language: English Current Version: Beta 2.0.6 (Complete main story) Features -Hoenn Starters -Only Hoenn pokemon (Includes pokemon from other regions in the Hoenn Dex and event only Unova pokemon eg. Zekrom) -Hoenn Wild pokemon (Not Post game) -RSE Trainer battle music -Stat changes -Harder Trainers and GYM leaders -Steven Stone as Champion FAQ (Please read) Q: Will this hack be in the Hoenn region? A: NO, mapping in the 5th Gen is not possible with current tools. Q: How long is the current Beta? A: The Beta is practically completed, future updates would just bring improvements in trainer pokemon, GYM leader pokemon, sprite updates and Over-world updates for a better Hoenn experience. Q: What changes have you made that would be important to know? A: I have changed: -Starters -Pokemon stats and abilities -Sprites and Over-worlds -Trainer and GYM leader pokemon -Rivals -Music -Wild pokemon -Text -Type changes: eg. Milotic is now Water/Psychic, Volbeat and illumise now Bug/Electric. (Sorry if you do not like me copying you Drayano) Q: Do pokemon such as Machoke or Golem need to be traded for evolution? A: No, they evolve at certain levels. Q: Can you put a full ROM download instead of patches? A: No, ROM's are not allowed on this site. Q: Where can I find (put name of pokemon here)? A: I will put up locations of wild pokemon in a word document later. Q: Legendaries?Q: A: Found in the wild and very rare. Think about the most practical location of where I would put them. Q: Team Plasma? A: Still in current Beta's, although may change to Team Aqua or Magma later. Q: Will there be a Hoenn White 2? A: No, there will be a Hoenn Black 2. (lol) Download Beta 3.1.0 -mod edit: broken link, removed- ^ Patches up. Please tell me if they do not work. They are for the CLEAN Pokemon White European version Screenshots This is only the earlier parts of the game, you'll have to play it to see the rest! What to look forward to Beta 2.5: -Sprite replacements -Music replacements -Over world Replacements -Possibly a harder experience Videos http://www.youtube.c...apion452/videos Bugs DO NOT OPEN POKEDEX UNTIL YOU HAVE RECIEVED THE ELEMENTAL MONKEY FROM GIRL IN DREAMYARD Please report if you have found any Change log: Beta 1.5 (First release): -edited trainers -edited wild pokemon -edited text -edited music -edited starters -edited gym leaders Beta 2.0.0 (.1) (.2) (.3) -Improved trainers pokemon (.1 and .2) -Improved text (.2) -Improved move pools (.1 and .2) -Improved gym leaders -Added Sprite changes -Edited Evolutions -Edited wild pokemon -Edited music (.1 and .2) -Champion changed to Steven (.1 and .2) -Route names changed -Elite 4 and Champion new teams (.3) Credits: Sprites: http://oceanslugiasp...deviantart.com/ http://wesleyfg.deviantart.com/ http://jordanice42.deviantart.com/ Music: http://www.youtube.c...er/HyperShadicX Hack tools: KazoWAR- BWTE, BWSE, BWME, BWOE Pedro250- Evolution editor NeltaZero- Wild Pokemon Editor, Starter Editor
  2. Pokémon Black X | Pokémon White X Base Game: Pokémon Black (U) | Pokémon White (U) Last Updated: Last Year Summary: Pokemon Black and White X are hacks brought to you by me(Dan Firan), cataboy123, Drayano, Oxnite, Pedro250, KazoWAR, Aninymouse, Andibad, Neltazero, SugarBaby, Kaphotics, My best friend Blaxe and of course Nintendo. The main purpose of this hack is to give the players a new experience with improved Pokémon and new battles. How far will you go to get all 649 Pokémon? This hack allows you to catch all 649 known Pokémon. This may not be a good hack at all. But it isn't my job to judge, it's yours. Credits: cataboy123: He helped me to re-start my project by inspiring me. Drayano: He started all of this. Without him this hack wouldn't've seen the light of day. Oxnite: His OxATTACK tool helped me, it might be small, but its worth mentioning. Pedro250: His EVOLUTION EDITOR really helped, it might be small, but its worth mentioning. KazoWAR: .........................*speechless*. He was the one that helped me most. Replacing OW sprites, MUGS, and battle sprites were all possible 'cause of him. Also the Wild editing and Trainer Editing were possible because of him. Aninymouse: VERY inspring person here. Andibad: Andi's tools and his inspiring words really helped me. Nintendo: Of course, without these guys, the game itself wouldn't exist. SugarBaby: He replied to my PM, even though he wouldn't've been able to help with my hack. Kaphotics: And of course, Kaph. Without him the interaction levels would've stayed the way they normally are. And to you my good reader: for playing the hack or reading this thread. Screenshots: Progress: Trainer editing: 99.9% Pokémon modifications: 99.9% Move-set mods: 100% Move mods: 100% Interaction Levels: 100% Items: 100% Text: 25.4% Trade Data: 100% Overall: 90.7% Known bugs: I haven't heard of any bugs yet. But be sure to report to this thread if you find out a bug.
  3. Pokémon Light Black DS Rom Info: Hack of: Pokémon Black (USA) Language: English Current version: v1.01 Features: - Trainers are stronger. - Some places have new pokémon! - Evolutions in-game. - Cheren specializes in third generation Pokémon, and Bianca specializes in the fourth generation Pokemon. - Some trainers have more pokémon. First, second, third, fourth or fifth generation. - Now you'll be able to catch Ditto at Route 3 and breed him from the start. - Moveset of certain pokémon is diferent! ~Screenshots~ First two battles Route 1 ~Videos~ [video=youtube;Vp8yV3CeMTc] [video=youtube;2TbmlNy8FLg] ~Download~ MegaUpload - UPS Patcher ~How to evolve certain Pokémon~
  4. Pokemon - Red VGC EX plus Alpha edition ( December 2011 ) * gameboy romhack of pokemon red US/EU * this is the final version of the romhack i made of "pokemon red" for the gameboy entertainment system !! just to give a brief overview of what i changed: 1. edited the types of pokemon that appear on the title screen 2. edited the types of pokemon your rival collects at different points in the game ( only the starter is the same ) 3. edited some of the gym leaders / elite 4's pokemon and some of their moves 4. gym leaders give you the same TMs upon defeat...but you get 6 instead of 1 ( you can sell extra's for money ) 5. edited the casino prizes and cost ( different pokemon and items ) 6. edited all of the in-game trades ( you get porygon instead of jynx ) 7. edited the types of items all of the pokemarts sell ( most shops carry TMs now ) 8. did a major edit of all of the wild pokemon encounters ( makes it a lot more fun to catch em' all ) i would like to thank "swamperttools" and "Harrison" for their wonderful romhacking tools !!
  5. Hello, internet audience! I enjoy writing programs. It's kinda fun to me. Plus it's a great stress reliever [ or inducer -- however you look at it? ] Anyways. I use GTK+ and more recently, GtkMM ( which requires GTK+ to run, and then some ) RunTime: GTK+ Official Installer | My Files ( 7z ) includes GtkMM ( Full Metal ) Phoenix: FMP is a palette editor, plainly put. It imports / exports bitmaps, adobe color tables, and advance map data palettes. Bugs: ○Exporting bitmap Crashes! To Come: ○Bugfixes to bitmap ○More efficient Vector<> class useage ( I programmed my own, which is insanely better than std::vector<>, mind you. ) ○Implementation of my own String class ( to avoid that ugly std::stringstream ) ○Palette Averaging ○Palette Previewing ○Bookmark system ○Support for all image formats supported by cairo surfaces. ○Automatically merge colors that will render the same on target screens. [ to avoid wasted space ] **averaging and previewing are a ways off. Download: link ( Full Metal ) Free Space: Simple free space searcher. Supports hex or decimal. Input your size into the apropriate box. Notate hex with &h or 0x. If you want to specify a starting offset for your search, enter it into the 'found' box. Then click search! It doesn't hog File permissions, and it uses a great algorithm ( thank you dkreuter! ) to search for free space. I'm considering re-writing with C++. To Come: ○Suggestions? Bugs: ○None that I'm aware of. Download: link Geared Sun: Is a revolution in scripting. Here's my vision: Create a project. Add an item to a project. An item can be either a function( return ), subfunction ( end ), text, movement string, raw data ( hex editor ), or routine ( thumb / arm ). You won't see anything like: #dynamic 0x74000000 #org @main. and you won't have to bother with commands like return or end the other thing -- commands now use parenthesis and comments ( like all the other languages ) to notate arguments. If you use a semicolon, you can also put more than one command on a line! The other cool thing is that it uses sqlite3 database to lookup commands and their corresponding values. Credits to Hackmew, and Giga Universe for providing, and parsing XSE's database! As of now, the program is in a very early development stage. Here is a preview!
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