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  1. you can see this old source code for cte image format (*.img) or use my unFARC tool for extracting cte image from FARC file. For additional information for pixel format supported by cte file format (*.img) : bclim/bflim/cte tool already supported all of discovered pixel format used by SMD 3DS game, but some of them are not supported by my unFARC tool. so far i know unFARC tool can convert most img file on Gate of infinity or Super.
  2. so far is not posted in here , today got much free time and poking around PMDS Font. is using pretty simple format where img file is cte format (LA4 as texture format), and dic file as pointing font image on font sheet image just like bitmap font. here for dic format on PMDS font : HeaderMagicHeader - 4 byte - KAND 0x4B414E44u1 - 4 byte - always 0x0CharacterCount - 4 byte - u2 - 4 byte - always 0x0Character Data (20 byte)Character Code (Unicode) - 2 bytePosition X - 2 bytePosition Y - 2 byteLine Feed Width - 2 byteLine Feed Hei
  3. download button is on green button not red one, you should install ad blocker. you still can't see what different ads download trap button with true download button? lol.
  4. on my github account ... is still not complete yet, since no emulator for 3ds on PC (on playable state ...), i just lazy copy paste huge size of file to memory card.
  5. you can see my post on this page, i already update with my current note ...(is almost done on most view-able data). right now i still looking for break wall flag and primary effect on it >.>
  6. Move data (on SMD) stored on waza_data_info.bin (act index information) and act_data_info.bin (move information). You can see move list on SMD here (include unused, named xl move, unnamed combination move and unnamed xl moves). waza_data_info.bin Containing index for move data (act_data_info.bin) and effect (act_effect_data_info.bin), 18 byte/entry. [TABLE=class: grid, width: 600] [TR] [TD=align: center]offset (0x) [/TD] [TD=align: center]size (byte)[/TD] [TD=align: center]comment [/TD] [TD=align: center][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]0x0[/TD] [TD]2[/TD] [TD]constant 0x0*[/TD] [TD][/TD]
  7. i was think is an unique id (on integer value or on hexadecimal value). look this hoopa dialog on dungeon script : function Dungeon_OnTalkedFuupa(tokihanatareta) ... if DUNGEON_MENU:IsFuupaLegendSummoned() then WINDOW:Talk_Fuupa(1157317309) else WINDOW:Talk_Fuupa(1576943368) WINDOW:SelectChain(1227155743, 2) WINDOW:SelectChain(-2106081020, 0) WINDOW:DefaultCursor(1) ret = WINDOW:SelectEndTalk(MENU_SELECT_MODE.ENABLE_CANCEL) ... end end see on WINDOW:Talk_Fuupa(1157317309), 1157317309 is refer to message unique id (u1). and i got this message :
  8. i just wondering how to get face graphic offset on the game, so far on lua script folder is only defined pokemon id like this one : function Dungeon_OnTalkedFuupa(tokihanatareta) if tokihanatareta == 0 then WINDOW:DrawFaceFromPokemonIndex(20, 88, 926, false, FACE_TYPE.NORMAL) else WINDOW:DrawFaceFromPokemonIndex(20, 88, 927, false, FACE_TYPE.NORMAL) end or call actor function ... to get pokemon id. hoppa id in there is 926 (pokemon id list). and also is have 16 (+16 special expression, not all pokemon have this) kind of expression face ... here for list of them : NORMAL HAPPY
  9. i made mistake on parsing sir0 message on my tools , my bad. here for fix one. this build also can extract cte image with support most pixel format, little bit tweak on extension renaming and add some example message code on msg_code.json. and i notice GYU0 file is an compressed format, need poking exefs maybe i get something >.> EDIT : uploaded project on github done : https://github.com/andibadra/unFARC
  10. maybe this tool useful for someone for unpacking file from farc file, is still same as my first tool i share on here but with GUI. i will added source code on github later. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3122097/unFARC_build_2.7z for temporary build for testing. for now can extract as RAW, Message Text (debug, non debug, and with code [you can add some definition on msg_code.json file, i will added it later]), potrait picture on SMD i just wondering pokemon portrait is have a text on it
  11. unique code id is have 1 byte long, other byte is used as attribute. like Font Color started 0xC101 - 0xC10E, 0xC10F as close tag. text alignment like center (C200) per line (until 0x10 code inserted), icon replacement id (A1xx), linked page (CA00), menus, paragraph, and etc. some code is need more attribute on it like call an value like pokemon id, etc. and also in SMD still used square brackets code lol
  12. filename of model are stored on pokemon_graphics_database.bin with header container 0x4 0x4 0x4c [filename_offset][?] [file_identification] and pokemon_motion_database.bin with header 0xc 0x4 0x4 0x4 [file_identification] ? ? ?. sir0 with own magicheader, [magic_header][offset][file_count] and must read pointer table to read them.
  13. i was think is just an id for script for get an string or icon (type,item,etc). so is have weird unicode on it, so i advice just look it on hex on sir0 content (not converted text one, it might not correct to convert them). example : \x65533{0} is for call move string list with single value. is need more them to indexed all of them (also play this game too for make sure what string is...) or you will see a lot weird character (or code) on it. like adventure results window screen if you finish the dungeon ... sometimes it filled by padding on sir0 used as FAT on FARC (type:5), and s
  14. debug message is used 8 byte on header FAT, i just suspect pointer table is just table of length each file on header FAT. common.bin is have 0xc length each file which is filenameoffset, dataoffset and file lenght, on pointer table say 0xc too and pointer table length fit with file count (-1). SIR0 Pointer table on common.bin : 04 04 9C 84 14 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C [end with 0x10 0x00] i suspect 0x0c is not padding, but is seems length of header FAT on each file. italic one is seems an flag .. but i still not sure. sir0 on FARC is have 0x20 on it without 0xXX padding value. since
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