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  1. I've tried to make quiver dance work like shell smash by making it use a "unique effect" and changing the variables to be the same as shell smash, that didn't work. I decided to make it raise all stats and reduce the defenses afterwards to copy the same effect of shell smash but no moves other than ancient power and ominous wind actually raise all stats even if told to, so I was wondering how would I force moves that usually don't raise all stats to do that? Edit: completely forgot to specify which game... White 2 is the one I'm editing Edit2: It is something definitely outside of the a021 n
  2. I've completed all of the stats and redid the first post.. Time to continue testing and start planning/making the changelist to be nice and understandable ^^ The download link is there as well =P Edit: In testing I found a glitch, heal pulse is broken (it doesn't do anything).. I'll fix it but in the download above know that it won't work. Edit2: Only glitches so far have been moves.. Fixed heal pulse and flash cannon (heal pulse had no target and flash cannon was raising enemy's stats instead of lowering) only 2 changes so no download for the fix
  3. Secret Sword, Psyshock and Psystrike all use the user's Special Attack Stat / Target's Defense Stat instead of the regular attack/defense so I was wondering if anyone looked into how to recreate similar effects such as Attack/Special Defense, Defense/Special Defense, Special Defense/Defense, Attack/Special Attack, Special Attack/Attack etc. You get the idea (Could've included other stuff such as stats combined and the speed stat in there but wanted to keep it short and simple), so does anyone know about what data commands the way to calculate? I've not modified any moves in hex so help for whe
  4. I will once all of the stats are final =) The Legendaries won't be stronger stat-wise but their movepools will be pretty impressive and the only one that you can consider stronger is Mew and here is why: Base stats: Hp - 1 Atk - 111 Def - 1 SpAtk - 255 SpDef - 1 Speed - 111 The ability is ALWAYS wonderguard and it is now Psychic/Normal leaving only Bug and Dark as weaknesses. Pokemon with already higher than 480 will be debuffed to fit the limit and usually the most debuffed stat is speed. Pokemon with already 480 base stat will remain unchanged so here are the ones that won't change
  5. So, while planning the type advantages I felt like I was letting the original typings control me too much so I made everything be x1 in an image file, went around doing what I felt would be good and here is the result: I'm pretty happy with it so it'll probably stay that way ;D -Almost all pokemon have 480 stat total (the sum of base HP, Attack, Defense, Sp.Attack, Sp.Defense and speed that calculates the pokemon's stat) with 2 exceptions: Shedinja has 401 and Slaking (being now the ONLY pokemon with the Truant ability) 600 (480+120 to the HP stat). -Starters are Eevee, Pikachu and Clefair
  6. Cool! Thanks =D Luckily I've got hexing experience so the scripting will be a piece of cake ^^ After I complete the overworld sprites I'm gonna make mugshots and battlesprites for every Poke Prof ;D Oak progress pre-16 color pallet limit addition: Edit: Fun Fact: Nintendo used Oak's overworld front hair for the side and barely touched any pixels. They only fixed it to fit with the side of his head. I'm gonna do the same thing =P If it works for them, it works for me (lazy FTW)
  7. Hey everyone I've started modding White 2 and began making new Pokemon Professor Sprites and wanted to know how I'd be able to create a new event with them? As in place them somewhere in the world and make them fightable/be able to give pokemon/simply new conversation. Here is the first complete sprite.. Its not really great but it isn't bad at least.. Professor Felina Ivy: Professor Samuel Oak: I'm also going to be making Elm, Birch and Rowan =P Edit1: Oak overworld sprite is done
  8. This program is awesome I've been using it and wanted to know if its possible to add more evolution options on Eevee? I'm going to edit out a few useless Pokemon and wanted to use their spots for new types of Eeveelutions
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