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  1. Is there a way to find out the PID/SID on the Nintendo Switch?
  2. I found this IV to SID and PID calculator, https://sites.google.com/site/ivtopidapplet/home, is it accurate?
  3. Thanks! What is the PID and SID of a legal one? I don't have the equipment needed for PKHeX and the MYSTRY Mew is on Pokemon Shield. Are there calculators that may use IVs and data that is visible in-game that could help find PID and SID?
  4. I have a MYSTRY Mew and was wondering if anyone could confirm if it's legit or not, please. OT: MYSTRY, ID: 06930, Nature: Serious, Characteristic: It's very finicky! IVs: HP: 23, Attack: 21, Defense: 6, Sp. Atk: 29, Sp Def: 8, Speed: 6,
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