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  1. dont sync the pokemon game (new sav) to your walker keep it with the old pokemon from the old sav and when you are done with the new sav load the older one to keep pokewalking i think that would work just fine
  2. im not getting attacks on pokemon black so i cant battle or do anything it just shows me in a battle screen and i cant even run so yeah i think its me idk tho im using an acekard 2 if anyone can help lemme know i have tried all the patches
  3. you can update your windows computer to download the japanese word pack then i think it would work idk too much about this pokesav business but im tryin to look for the latest one
  4. laptops are chap no days even desktops i mean i have 4 i bought them from 100-700 and they are good as hell anway i hope you get something decent this xmas and once again guys keep up the good work, quick question about the storyline translation that ruinaira is working on. would this part be in the next patch and does it have everything people say around the two first towns? thanks again guys!
  5. problem with egg hatching dialogue says rather egg (pokemon) is born born nickname pokemon? something like that idk if that has been reported just thought i would add my two cents thanks guys
  6. the patch lets you gain exp where as if you patched it without the exp one you wouldnt get it no matter what it was something nintendo did to avoid piracy i believe btw hi to all the guests that are lurking about
  7. yup that works but ive also noticed that walmart is selling HG for 29 i believe while SS is still 40 its a good buy if you lose your poke walker buy HG and sell the game for 35 ish even then i seen alot of stores.. target best buy and some walmarts where they have the games there out in the open people open them and take the poke walkers out and yeah... they get stolen people here are often returning them cause of that matter.
  8. acutally it is... here is the guide you need to follow first make sure you have the cd in the drive and you should be all set http://us.codejunkies.com/support/article.aspx?article_id=372 if you need futher help you can let me know they are using vista and xp on the guide but i have windows 7 if you dont get it.
  9. hmm they worked for me not sure why then but there is an unlock all code out there i havent tried it ill post it i just did the rally one which was one i was missing along with the beyond the sea they worked remember to hit L+R and go to the pokemart and the green man will be there to give you the so called route map for the course All courses 94000130 FFFB0000 62111880 00000000 B2111880 00000000 0200E71C 07FFFFFF D2000000 00000000 press select code did not work for me didnt unlock the last course i need the one from pedro seem to work with event courses only not standard and for the rest you would have to use the watts at 99999999 for the unlocking of non event courses
  10. yes there are you need to look at pedros post about the events and pokewalker courses code thanks to pedro
  11. acutally that backs up davids view and i would seem to think that to be correct. in all honesty they should make a movie about it would be amazing to acutally know what happend.
  12. thanks so much i kinda skipped a page you rock nigoli thanks for all your hard work ! its a bit hard to navigate thro the mobile fourm but i love the icons and the set up thanks again!
  13. Originally Posted by Dash hmm are you guys posting the enigma crystal aswell since you have the letter key and member car posted up great job on all the contris guys keep up the good work and the courses were a great add on aswell i was wondering how did people obtain the pikachu that knows the fly and what not and if i would be able to find it here?
  14. if the crystal and the celebi are the only events for the game then thats pretty bad. i loved d/p/pt events along with emeralds events they were amazing now if these games have only 3 events thats pretty bad but the item could have something to do with the pikachu andventure i ws thinking it had to do with red orb/blue orb but then again i could be wrong and good job with all the research on the capsule
  15. pretty sure it makes a celebi in your pc its probly the hacked one everyon is using called time and its shiney and you take it to the shrine tap the a and omg you go back it time youre better off just flagging one FE yourself its what i did and i gave away about 40 of em in Gamefaqs fourms to people lol ---------- Post added at 11:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:16 AM ---------- and just so you know there is a engima event aswell as a mew event starting november so you can get those thro WFC from nintendo
  16. extract the pokesav run it hit all option and then select the file open it in box and see if it works i had the same problem aswell a long time ago
  17. could be just that and just a heads up most codes wont work on the a2i like event codes and some codes crash the game wildy modi doesnt work either bud so gl but item codes and walk thro walls and battle codes work
  18. its there man look at it in the first post says with and without the katakana names bud
  19. yes i have a acekard2i with akaio and 5 works amazing and you go to a site for the conversion... http://www.shunyweb.info/convert.php# you dont need to put in the patch code and well i have a patch on my game so idk about akaio and not needing a patch
  20. not mine lol i made one and its just the 10th ani not shiney with all the regular attacks and sht from the 10ani just Fe Flagged i released that after i did the event on no$gba lol they asked for the code they got it not my problem eh? beggers cant be choosers
  21. cool imma try it out they also give you pokemon a crown to wear
  22. lol why would you need xp and if you do why not download vm ware you are running vista so you can run up to 3 os on vm ware and not even that if you are in the know and have connections you can even get windows 7 and just run xp off windows 7 -.0 anyway i just want to know what the hell is a rock capsule used for i think its to restore fossils on your own but i could be wrong it could be to get the other titan in the secret tower not much you can speculate for the use of that item
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