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  1. I love the translation. I've only ever seen it in a Youtube video, but it was hilarious. "Foe Yugel's Reproduction to use! But unable to determine smoothly!" (Kadabra tried to use Recover, but it failed.) "The body of Foe Fire feels tingling and can't move!" (Moltres is paralyzed! It can't move!) "Carchilu seems like delegating Galep. Is Green wanting to change Pet?" (Blaine is about to send out Rapidash...) So funny, to me at least.
  2. In LeafGreen (or was it FireRed, I can't remember) I caught a Shiny Primeape on Victory Road... That was my first one (not counting the Red Gyarados, of course.) I don't have him anymore though. Traded him for a Shiny Quagsire after migrating him into Diamond.
  3. Don't really see a reason not to post here, so here's my introduction. I'm Longshot, formerly Razz on the old forums (for about a day, since the sites changed right after I joined.) I know my way around PokeSav (at face value at least, not the behind-the-scenes stuff) from the guides here, and am looking forward to finding out anything else I can. Keep the great information coming!
  4. As long as the site has guides to using PokeSav (and eventually PokeMod) and a related forum, I'll be pretty much satisfied. I'm just really interested in learning about all of this - the site doesn't really matter.
  5. Venusaur had been my favorite until the introduction of Torterra. Grass and Ground is a really cool combination.
  6. Well, I guess legal is good enough. But will the baby have all of the trash bytes and stuff like that generated by the game? I can hack a Pokemon that looks legit at face value, but I have trouble with all of the intricate code.
  7. Will the offspring be considered legit? Here's what I'm thinking: Give both parents perfect IVs; give the mother the desired Nature and an Everstone; give the father TMs and/or Egg Moves I want the offspring to have. Now putting all of that together should make a baby with at least two perfect IVs, the right Nature, and desired moves. But will the baby be considered legit? I mean, the baby Pokemon was created within the game, and it wasn't directly touched by PokeSAV or an AR... What's the verdict? P.S. Where can I find the Pokemon Database now? Sorry if it's in an obvious location, I'm just a bit confused by the merge with Project Pokemon. Thanks for any and all help.
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