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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings to all community. My question is: Changing data such as Conutry, Sub Region anf 3DS Region from a save file affects to legality? I've using the same save file between 2 3DS', one is USA Region and the other one JPN. So the Pokemon data not match with trainers info. I'm currently playing in the Japanese 3DS, can't change the language or contry, so the Pokémon I catch now it says are from Japan, but the trainer info says I'm from USA. If I change my trainer info, the Pokémon I catched in the previus console will be Ilegal?
  2. Why some pokemon 100% legal become PalPark Country: UK/US/AU, Korea once transferred ? for example Articuno, Zigzagoon, Alakazam
  3. I was typing this one story in 7th Grade, but our computer crashed and I lost it all. Luckily, I had put it on my iPod Nano 1st Gen and transferred it to the school network and saved it on my private drive at school. I forgot about this and found it again this late winter-early spring (Sophomore). I hope you like it, although, it isn't complete and there's only a few chapters (6?). =/ Note: This story old. Please refrain from criticizing the grammar. This was created back when I was in 7th grade. Living On The Country Side Chapter 1 I sat down underneath a soft olive tree outside on the hill, a family of quiet birds perched at the top of the tree were weaving a nest of an assortment of branches and hey from a near by pasture where a chocolate brown horse and three long haired goats lived and owned by Gregory McPetters. Gregory was my father. Of course, I called him “Dad” like any other child would. Hello, I’m Amanda, and this is my family. It was time for another day at school. As I walked down the squeaky stairs, I could smell my mom’s chocolate chip pancakes from anywhere. They had a yummy taste to them and an exquisite taste of creamy filling made of chocolate morsels. My mom worked at home doing any other housewife would do, clean for starters, and cook like she’s feeding a family of six. My dad was reading the “Daily Country News” and sipping his dark brown coffee when we heard Emily coming down the stairs. My mom said good morning dear, while Emily was still rubbing her eyes with one hand and the other holding her smooth, yet fluffy stuffed rabbit. My dad walks quietly out the old door to start working out in the field. My dad had a large farm of feed and a few animals hear and there such as longed haired goats, noisy chickens, two adult cows, and a large brown horse that enjoyed eating apples and sugar cubes. Her name was Daffodil and she would always prance up and down when she would see the school bus drive up the side of the road. I quickly got dressed as it was already twenty past seven. School was twenty-five minutes away and pick up time for the bus was fifteen. School was always full of fun and excitement as my favorite teacher, Ms.Blume would always say, “Things not found beautiful, aren’t always bad”. I just only wished I knew what it meant. I dressed in an casual outfit as spring was here. When Mom said the school bus to Glen Elementary School was here, I was already outside the front door waiting for Emily as she was running out the door with chocolate still on her soft pink face from mornings pancakes my mother had made. Me and Emily walked up the dusty steps of the school bus when I saw Daniel Norbock sitting in the semi-middle of the bus. He was the cutest boy in school, however, he preferred girls with out the tom-boy style like myself. I couldn’t help being a tom-boy where the next girl down the street was thirteen miles away! Emily sat in the back of the bus with her friends. When we arrived at Glen Elementary, we happily got off and skipped are way to the playground where it’s a kid’s dream come true.
  4. Right, I have been using the legality checker for quite sometime and know basically what to look out for in hacked pokes However, the country originated still puzzles me. For example, I just aqquired an Evd pokemon in a trade, I ran it on the checker and everything checks out/ is valid except for its country originated. The checker mentions the country it originates from is invalid so is it a hacked poke?
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