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  1. maybe it should be banned?..... idk lol
  2. the third one of my lazy series .... is this one
  3. Silver Plume item to be held by pidgeot raises att and spatt 2 stages I want this in gamefreak .... Farfetched has a item for pete's sake
  4. i would like a ariados for a avi if you can find one on a web great if not ... still great please and thank you
  5. Can some one make me a ariados sig perferibly with a web somewhere please and thank you
  6. a doy ^ that transfer pak plugin ... my reason is legal as i have stadium 2 and silver so i can have the roms :creep:
  7. Wait whats the difference in the jap regions sprite and the current one in confused @_@
  8. nothing is necessary to explain this.... no commentary....no sprites.....nothing can NU-UU pwnage .... is all that it was
  9. Wraith .... i have accomplished wins with cloyster .... you dont need to do it :]( if proof is needed battle my cloyster ;]
  10. Due to it being very early here i will just put this up and spuce it up later ..... lazyness T_T
  11. BOX SET UP BOX 1 War games- pokemon for competitive battle BOX 2 NU-LAND self explaining BOX 3 OU-LAND BOX 4 UU LAND BOX 5 SHH - ubers BOX 6- KRAIT - breeding 7-30 more tier based sorting
  12. i am normally anti movie and i almost never have favorites of anything but Saving Private Ryan.... Black Hawk Down Platoon Band of Brothers The Hunt For Red October Pearl Harbor War movies mostly
  13. lazyness.... love it .... i was thinking of just posting my next one as a plain log too .... no cyan i promise lol (will not be lazy O.o")
  14. I would like to think that my meta is ban material too as i murder 3-5 pokes as a lead on average but the point is moot .... floatzel and super bibarel X_X
  15. care to join the crobat fan club..... no i guess not two words ROAD KILL thats a pidgeiot to me crobat > pidgeiot four wings and a stylishly cool look
  16. i used to have a porygonz and frankly it woulda raped this team like russians in '45 berlin Roserade.... Roflcopter .... crobat has spikes that are toxic coupled with haze and confuse ray you have a spikes setting up-phaze speed master sludge bomb or air slash for stab black sludge or lo for it maybe even c-scarf im sorry i cant provide additional help but you cant add to great help above me so .... hope it helps (if you wanna kill a gengar....) Porygonz W/ c- scarf nasty plot tri attack dark pulse <------------ any special attack move of your choice here
  17. i still have mine ... ill give it to you for a low fee of 5.25 rubles or 2.70 usd
  18. fl studio 8 my computer and if that does'nt count >_> piano ....
  19. This is what happens when my hax goes against a fairly good trainer My team is as follows [sprite]157[/sprite][sprite]373[/sprite][sprite]229[/sprite][sprite]426[/sprite][sprite]468[/sprite][sprite]248[/sprite] marks team is like this [sprite]189[/sprite][sprite]103[/sprite][sprite]346[/sprite][sprite]467[/sprite][sprite]465[/sprite][sprite]254[/sprite]
  20. @wraith IT's remoraid to octillery i got 1 for ya why must silcoon and cascoon have the same sprite just recolored and how come rhyhorn has four legs but rhydon and rhyperior two
  21. bui from buey and float .... no comment how about bouyzel from bouyent (spelling)
  22. porygon2 is win therefore my team pp guy is utter win
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